Beginning April 17 through May 22, the 92YTribeca, in partnership with the GE FOCUS FORWARD Film Series, will be highlighting the innovative ideas, inventions, and people featured in GE’s successful film series of the same theme. Coinciding with the start the the Tribeca Film Festival, the multimedia exhibit will feature inventions like the Hövding invisible bicycle helmet; Bud Frazier and Billy Cohn’s homemade continuous-flow heart device; the ultra-rare Roland TR-808 drum machine and high-schooler Aidan Dwyer's solar tree.

The showcase is meant to celebrate innovators like Jack Andraka, who developed a cheap, reliable test for pancreatic cancer while still in high school, and Dr. Carl June who reengineered the HIV virus to fight cancer and in turn saved the life of a dying leukemia patient. These are the people working to improve the way we live in the areas of medical research, food, energy, waste management, and cultural and artistic advancements.

Experience their accomplishments for yourself at the 92YTribeca and maybe you'll be inspired too. The exhibit is free and open to the public.