We're pleased to announce that photographer Sam Horine has taken over the @Tribeca Instagram account until the Festival starts on April 17th. 

Sam is a “regular explorer of forgotten, abandoned and under-appreciates places,” bringing a new point of view on peeling paint in abandoned buildings to the Instagram medium. His work includes sublime shots of urban, city, landscapes, street style, and portraits of people like Michael Bloomberg playing the piano, and rappers Gucci Mane and Das Racist. In 2010, his collection of photos of New York Fashion Week attendees was featured in New York Magazine, and the readers of The Village Voice  recently voted his Instagram account the Best in NYC.

Sam fits in perfectly with his city surroundings, using the character of the city to populate his Instafeed. "My favorite thing to shoot on Instagram is urban lanscapes and portraits...also cats and coffee," he told us. When we asked to name a few of his favorite Instagrammers, he named @shakashani, @hokaytokay, @13thwitness, @hirozzzz, and @croyable as feeds to follow.

So where has Sam taken our letters so far? They’ve seen views of Central ParkTimes Square, and of course Tribeca. Check out our Instagram @Tribeca for Sam's photos and stay tuned for more!

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