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Attending In-Person Events:

Festival Venue Info

All Festival venues will be listed here as the 2023 Festival gets closer.

Box Office FAQ:

Visit for up-to-date ticketing information.

  • When are tickets on sale?
    • Single tickets on sale date will be announced closer to the 2023 Festival
  • Do ticket packages go off sale?
    • All ticket packages go off sale prior to package fulfillment. Date will be detemined in 2023
  • Can I purchase tickets in person
    • There are no tickets sold in-person prior to the festival, all transactions must be made online through the Tribeca website.
  • Can I pay with cash in-person?
    • Box Office locations are cashless in 2023 and require a credit/debit card to complete a purchase.
  • Are tickets transferable
    • Yes, all screening tickets are transferable.
  • Can I reserve a specific seat in advance?
    • We do not offer venue seating selections/reservations. All seating is general admission and first come, first served except for events at select venues to be announced.
  • How early can I arrive at my screening?
    • Lines form at the venue approximately one hour prior to screening start time. We will begin loading attendees 30 mins prior to scheduled start time.
  • Can I arrive after the screening starts?
    • Late arrivals will be allowed entry on a space available basis. Rush/standby tickets are sold to any empty seats in the venue at the start of every screening.
  • What are RUSH Tickets?
    • Rush tickets are offered when a screening or event is sold out. The Rush system functions as a standby line that will form at the venue approximately one hour prior to scheduled start time. Admittance is based on availability and will begin roughly 10 minutes prior to program start time. Rush Tickets are the same price as advance tickets and are payable upon entry.
  • Is parking available at the venue?
    • There is no attendee parking available at festival venues. Visit for parking garage locations and rates.
  • If I misplaced my email confirmation and ticket, can you look me up on site?
    • Venue staff have the ability to look up orders on site. However, to prevent delays in entry we highly recommend contacting in advance if you misplaced your confirmation email. They will be able to resend your confirmation and ticket.
  • Do I need a ticket for the free screenings?
    • Free tickets are available while supplies last through the online film guide and are required to attend free outdoor screenings. Note that a ticket for a free screening does not guarantee entry, free events are first come first served and subject to available seating
  • Can I bring my own food/beverages?
    • Outside food and beverages are not permitted.
  • Are outdoor screenings cancelled if it rains?
    • The show must go on! Outdoor screenings/events will take place rain or shine. Attendees will be notified in advance in the unlikely event of cancelation due to severe weather conditions
  • What is the dog policy for outdoor screenings?
    • Dogs are not permitted into any festival venues. Only service animals with verifiable certificates will be granted entry.

COVID-19 Health & Safety Protocols

In accordance with NY State Department of Health guidelines, proof of vaccine is not required for venue entry. If there are any changes to the guidelines or venue specific guidelines, they will be available here prior to the 2023 Festival

Venue Entrance Info

Accessibility information will be posted here once 2023 Festival events and venues are finalized. Patrons with disabilities who purchase a ticket, ticket package or pass prior to such posting will be entitled to a full refund if such patron has accessibility concerns in connection with any of the Festival venues.

Tribeca at Home

NOTE: the below information is subject to change for the 2023 Festival.

    • Browser:
    • App: “Tribeca At Home”/ Available on Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku
    • TV:
      • Download the dedicated app for Apple TV, Fire TV, or Roku device (Gen4 and above).
      • Chromecast [3rd generation or later Chromecast stick] from a computer using the Chrome browser or an Android device to your TV.
      • Airplay from a computer, iPhone or iPad to your Apple TV (Gen 2 and above) or to any Smart TV bearing the “AirPlay” badge.
    • Computer:
      • PCs running Windows 7+ [Browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera]
      • Intel-based Macs running macOS 10.12+ [Browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera]
      • *Internet Explorer is not supported
    • iPhone / iPad / Android:
      • Android: use Chrome on Android 6.0 or later
      • iPhone/iPad: use Safari on iOS 11.2 or later [screen mirroring not supported, set to OFF]
  • Tribeca At Home FAQ
    • What is a “Watch Window”?
      • A watch window is how long you have to watch a film once you press ‘PLAY’.
    • Can I pause or rewind during the watch window?
      • Yes, you have complete access to the entire program during your watch window.
    • How many times can I watch a film with my At Home Festival Pass?
      • Passholders may watch films ONE (1) time each. If a film has a watch window of 72 hours, and the PLAY button has been pressed (i.e. the film watch window has begun), 72 hours later the film’s availability will expire - regardless of whether or not the film has been watched in full. Passholders will not be able to start the film again once the watch window has expired.
    • Can I watch the films from anywhere in the USA?
      • Yes, you can access and watch At Home from all 50 states within the USA only. At Home will not be available outside the USA.
    • Can I watch films on multiple devices throughout my home?
      • You may have up to two devices (i.e. your laptop and your smart tv) logged into your account at a time under the same IP address (i.e. the same household/location). Concurrent stream restriction means you are only able to actively stream content on a single device at a time.
    • What if I move from one location to another during the festival?
      • Single-IP restriction means that you can only watch content from a single IP address at a given time. If you move locations but are using the same device, you will have no issue watching films. If you move locations and are watching on a new device, you will need to deactivate the old device before the system will allow you to login on the new device. User activity will be tracked and monitored and accounts will be deactivated if abuse is found (you may not share your account with friends or family who do not reside in the same location as you).


Every year we hear from enthusiastic fans asking how they can support festival operations. We do not have volunteer opportunities at our festival, so the only way for people to get involved is if they’re selected for a role we are hiring for. The list of open roles is available on our careers page if you would like to apply.

Questions or concerns, please contact: