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2017 Tribeca Film Festival Programming Team

Sharon Badal

VP, Filmmaker Relations and Shorts Programming

What is the first film you saw in a theater? The first film I remember seeing is “The Beatles – Help!” in my small town suburban movie theatre. It was completely filled with young girls like me, who sang aloud to the songs and screamed the name of our favorite Beatle (in my case Paul) repeatedly at the top of our lungs. This was the era of Beatlemania, and I think this movie planted the seeds for my rock and roll infused life that continues today. Rock on.

Frederic Boyer

Artistic Director

What do you most enjoy doing when not programming? I like to be disconnect with images when not working. I love listening to the radio and cooking at the same time.

Cara Cusumano

Director Of Programming

What is the first film you saw in a theater? My Mom says that the first movie she remembers me watching was MILO AND OTIS, when I was about three. She also took me to a screening of 400 BLOWS when I was 4 or 5.

Liza Domnitz

Programmer, Film, TV & New Online Work

What do you most enjoy when not programming? Truthfully, when it’s not programming season, I do still love to see movies—but at my chosen pace!!  I also do my best to focus my eyes on OTHER things, like words in books or movement on a stage.  My former life was in the dance world, so I try my best to see performances throughout the year.

Brian Gordon

Associate Programmer

What do you most enjoy when not programming? I enjoy music, music history, cooking, coddling my dog, exploring parts, periods and attitudes in American history I was never taught in school.

Loren Hammonds

Programmer, Film & Experiential

What is one film that changed your life?Charles Burnett's KILLER OF SHEEP. When I first saw this film, it exhilarated me as if I had discovered a treasure. Here was a moving portrait of a Black family in Watts, rendered realistically and without judgement or prejudice, with such breathtaking artistry. Burnett was a filmmaker that I was unaware of at the time, and the idea that this masterpiece had been made, and that only scholars and cinephiles had seen it for 30 years after its completion blew my mind. It showed me the importance of discovering unique cinematic voices and also the power of sharing those voices with audiences.

Ian Hollander

Programmer & Programming Systems Manager

What do you do for fun when not watching submissions? When I need to give my eyes a break from the screen, there’s nothing I enjoy more than cooking. Whether it’s hosting an elaborate dinner party or making myself a simple rice bowl for lunch, I find the process of preparing a meal very soothing and meditative.

Dan Hunt

Associate Programmer

What is one film that changed your life? TONGUES UNITED by Marlon Riggs. I was amazed at how a film from/about a community that was almost invisible could rattle the general public so much before it was even released. It launched me into documentary filmmaking as a career.

Tammie Rosen

EVP of Communications & Programming

What is the first film you saw in a theater? When I was 8 years old my grandparents took me to see Amadeus. It was the first period piece I had seen in a theater and it was MAGICAL. The costumes, the theatrics, the settings. At 8 I am certain much of it was lost on me but it transported me to a different time and place unlike any reality I knew. I return to it often and every time I do I feel like a little girl excited by the wonders of cinema.

Jule Rozite

Associate Programmer

What is the first film you saw in a theater? My Godmother took me to see THE LITTLE MERMAID in cinemas when it came out in 1989. I remember being awed by the cinema itself – red plush seats and we even sat in a balcony. And, of course, the dinglehopper really fired up my imagination and livened up bath time.

Ben Thompson

Filmmaker Relations Manager & Shorts Programmer

What do you most enjoy when not programming? To balance out all the time I spend sitting watching short submissions when I am not watching films you will usually find me running. As my short film watching has increased over the years so has my mileage and I am currently up to running marathons!

Mara Webster

Director, Talks and Events

What do you most enjoy when not programming? Outside of catching up with other movies and binge watching some great tv I've started to love playing soccer.  Despite growing up in England I never played the sport as only the boys had a team or played it during class.  A group of us here play together for fun and join casual leagues in the City throughout the year.  It's been really wonderful to have my coworkers teach me and support me even if I do occasionally still accidentally kick the ball to the other team.  Also anyone who knows me, knows that I rarely meet a cheese I don't like and so I love catching up with friends at great cheese spots in the city whether it be cheese at Murrays, fondue at Kashkaval, Mac & Cheese at Beechers or raclette at Raclette.

Shayna Weingast

What is a movie that changed your life? Like many movie-lovers, it's hard for me to pinpoint an exact film or movie-going experience that has changed me. I grew up the daughter of a film critic, and by the tender age of 8, I developed an insatiable appetite for movies. My taste in comedy has been shaped by films like Some Like It Hot and Duck Soup, my concept of the romantic film shaped by Annie Hall, and my appreciation for satire informed by Dr. Strangelove and This is Spinal Tap. By my teenage years, the bar for great movies had been set. In my life so far, one great film has led to another, and I continue to be transformed by cinema, one title at a time.

Paula Weinstein

What is a movie that changed your life? Too many to list. I remember every seat, in every theater, of every movie I've loved. Starting with Some Like It Hot when I was 10. I had never before laughed that hard in a movie nor understood the pleasure of being in a huge movie palace in Times Square and being a part of a massive wave of collective joy and simultaneous laughter.