Announcing the 2024 Audience Award Winners

Fan Favorites from the Festival that YOU Voted On at The 2024 Tribeca Festival

Announcing the 2024 Audience Award Winners

We’re pleased to announce the 2024 Tribeca Festival Audience Awards winners for the Narrative and Documentary categories!

Throughout the 2024 Tribeca Festival, presented by OKX, New Yorkers voted for their favorite films at eligible screenings.

Thank you for participating! Check out this year's Audience Award Winners below.

Audience Awards, Narrative Category

First Place: Bad Shabbos

When two couples return home for Shabbat dinner, an accidental death (or is it murder?) threatens to unravel their evening. Over the course of one night in New York City, their family gathering takes a turn for the worse.

Bad Shabbos turns a one-night-in-New-York story into a hilarious ensemble comedy. Kyra Sedgwick shines as the neurotic matriarch, with standout performances from Method Man, Catherine Curtin, and more, delivering pure comedic gold.

Second Place: The Shallow Tale of a Writer Who Decided to Write about a Serial Killer

In this dark comedy, a struggling writer (John Magaro) befriends a retired serial killer (Steve Buscemi), who becomes his unlikely marriage counselor and muse. As he grapples with his second novel and a crumbling marriage to his disillusioned wife (Britt Lower), the killer reluctantly offers guidance, leading to twists that blur reality and fiction.

With a talented cast delivering engaging performances, this film subverts expectations of both comedy and serial killer genres.

Audience Awards, Documentary Category


Denver's Casa Bonita, famous for its waterfall, cliff divers, and mediocre food, went bankrupt due to COVID-19. South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone bought it, aiming to restore its 1970s glory. With restaurateur Dana “Loca” Rodriguez and over $8 million for renovations, they faced structural issues and budget overruns. This film follows their comedic quest to revive the landmark.

Second Place: Checkpoint Zoo

Set against the Ukraine war, Checkpoint Zoo offers a fresh perspective on the unintended victims of human conflict. Through the eyes of trapped animals, the film examines the heartbreaking consequences of war and celebrates the bravery and compassion of those who saved them. Featuring gripping interviews and powerful footage, this documentary sheds light on an often overlooked aspect of the conflict, highlighting the indomitable spirit of those who refuse to abandon hope.

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