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The 2018 Tribeca X Award

The Tribeca X Award honors the best in storytelling at the intersection of advertising and entertainment from the past year. The 2018 Tribeca Film Festival featured work from acclaimed directors Michel Gondry and John Hillcoat as well as notable performers including John Malkovich. This year's finalists are:

Breaking2 (Nike), Corazón (Montefiore), Détour (Apple), For Every Kind of Dream (Square), John Malkovich (Squarespace), Mass Incarceration: An Animated Series (ACLU), Purpose and Profit (PwC), Suite 1742: a virtual bed-in experience (Fairmont), Voices (WebMD).

2018 Winner

For Every Kind of Dream
Brand: Square
Directed by Mohammad Gorjestani
Agency: Even/Odd

For Every Kind of Dream is Square’s first brand film series. Square builds tools to shorten the distance between having an idea and making a living from it, tools to help anyone build what they want to see in the world, because Square believes in an economy that has room for everyone’s dreams.

Also featured from the For Every Kind of Dream series: Made in Iowa

2018 Finalists

Brand: Nike
Directed by: Martin Desmond Roe
Agency: Dirty Robber
Nike's daring Breaking2 campaign set a new standard for what's possible in the world of sports marketing. The campaign turned a product launch into a must-watch event and feature-length documentary for National Geographic while amplifying Nike's core values - inspiring everyday people to push their limits, showcasing athletes at their greatest and innovating an industry
Brand: Montefiore
Directed by John Hillcoat
Agency: JohnXHannes New York

The men who pay Elena Ramirez for her body don't know she's dying. With nothing left to lose and a family that needs her to live, she decides to leave Santo Domingo and follow the only doctor who offers her hope on a near-impossible journey to New York. Corazón, a startling film based on a true story, features Academy Award nominee Demian Bichir and actress Ana de Armas and is directed by John Hillcoat.

Brand: Apple
Directed by: Michel Gondry
Agency: Partizan & Media Arts Lab
Détour follows the story of a young girl's tricycle, which gets lost as a French family leaves home for their summer holiday. After becoming accidentally separated from the family, the tricycle is propelled on an unbelievable journey of seemingly unplanned events through the stunning French countryside
John Malkovich
Brand: Squarespace
Directed by: Miles Jay
Agency: JohnXHannes

John Malkovich and Squarespace present a short film that follows the real-life story of John working to establish himself amongst the highly competitive Parisian fashion scene while balancing being an actor and father.

Mass Incarceration: An Animated Series
Brand: ACLU
Directed by Elyse Kelly
Agency: Acme Filmworks

Lavette Mayes, Jason Hernandez, and Johnny Perez know all too well how devastating and life-changing incarceration is. Their firsthand accounts are a bracing reminder of the injustices of America’s criminal justice system and an urgent call to action.
More from Mass Incarceration: An Animated Series:
Lavette's Choice
Jason's Sentence
Johnny's Home

Purpose and Profit
Brand: PwC
Directed by: Sebastian Mlynarski
Creative Director: Jeff MacLeod
Produced by:, Tim Duffy and Chris Bowers
Agency: RYOT & Gotham Point Films

Purpose and Profit is a series that profiles profit-driven American businesses who also have inspirational social consciousness as their main purpose

Suite 1742: a virtual bed-in experience
Brand: Fairmont
Directed by Carl Ruscica
Agency: UNLTD & Massivart

Suite 1742 is an immersive voyage that takes you on John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s journey to offer insight into their infamous bed-in for peace.

Brand: WebMD
Directed by: Courtney Dixon
Agency: WebMD

1 in 5 people in the US suffers from a mental illness.  Michelle Hammer is a young woman in New York whose mind is ablaze with art--and schizophrenia. Now she’s sharing her everyday battle to control the war of words in her head while using her artwork to fight the stigma against mental illnesses.

2017 Winner

Chris Fonseca: Keep It Moving
Brand: Diageo North America
Directed by: Zachary Heinzerling
Deaf people are anything but disabled, and this film featuring the real story of deaf dancer Chris Fonseca proves it. Born profoundly deaf, Chris challenges the perceptions of disability as a social barrier by teaching his deaf students how to express themselves on the dance floor, inspiring self-confidence within them and pure awe in all of us.
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2016 Winner

Yeti Presents: Soul of a City
Brand: Samsung
Directed by Greg Brunkalla

The life of Neil Harbisson is like something out of a sci-fi novel. Neil was born with achromatopsia, a rare condition that leaves 1 in 30,000 people completely colorblind. But Neil isn't colorblind, far from it. After convincing his doctors to implant an antenna into the back of his head, Neil now possesses a new sense: the ability to hear colors. In this short film by Greg Brunkalla, Neil takes you through a day in his life and into an entirely new world.

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