In a world where we show previews of previews, and where trailers of major event movies are received as events in and of themselves, it's not surprising that the 6-second sneak-peek-of-a-sneak-peek of X-Men: Days of Future Past uploaded to both Vine and Instagram is getting everyone talking. But what exactly did we see? We rode our pause button to find out.

Shot One: Eyeball.

Shot Two: Motorcade. From the looks on the flags, and the fact that the license plates aren't American, this looks to be Vietnam around wartime.

Shot Three: Wolverine getting mind-warped (by Professor X?).

Shot Four: A vault being opened underneath the Presidential seal in the oval office (AWESOME).

Shot Five: Wolverine, Professor X (Patrick Stewart), and Magneto (Ian McKellen) in presumably the future.

Shot Six: Storm, in her shortest hairdo yet, calling upon the weather, as she does.

Shot Seven: Michael Fassbender's Magneto, calling upon the powers of magnetism, as he does.

Shot Eight: Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence), crying.

Shot Nine: Professor X (James McAvoy) in a bitchin' wide collar and leather jacket, hooked up to what may be a prototypical version of Cerebro.

Shot Ten: Glass breaking.

Shot Eleven: Shirtless Wolverine fighting.

Shot Twelve: Thugs Shooting Guns

Shot Thirteen: Mystique spin-kicking, perhaps also in the Oval Office.

Shot Fourteen: Beast (Nicholas Hoult) getting beasty.

Shot Fifteen: Magneto (Fassbender) drowning.

Shot Sixteen: Mystique being dragged to Magneto (Fassbender) by his powers.

Shot Seventeen: Professor X (Stewart) looking up at something scary and bright. He shields his eyes.