Names: Oye Bekoe and David W. Hill
Occupations: Stylist (Bekoe) and Film Production (Hill)
Style notes:  Bekoe: "Going for comfort + class w/a twist," Hill: "Playful / business - red shoes are fun while the button down and blazer are serious."

Name: Wayne Collins
Profession: Recording Artist
Style Notes: "Hat from 99 moves and black varsity jacket from Univ. of Excellence."

Name: Sebastian Telfair
Profession: Pro sports, NBA CBA, entrepreneur
Style Notes: "Casual fly bassy, LV Jeans, Bape hoodie, 99 Moves hat, 99 Moves tee, 99 moves leather jacket, Jordan 9’s."

 Wade Hanley, Jae Spivey, and Aaron Crump.

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