Our voyeuristic gaze over the past 10 days —we've been leaning against at the snack bar, thrillingly people-watching at the Festival's parties and premieres—have been filling us with New Yorker pride. This is not Hollywood or the Oscars: this is downtown New York and we don't mish mosh or pish posh about when it comes to fashion.

Tuxedo colors—black and white—have been everywhere on red carpets, gardens, by the cocktail bar. We swear, it wasn't a mandate on the invite—it just seems that our people like to keep it classic in the limelight, which in our eyes gives the affairs even more bling. Here, some favorite moments from the festival... in black and white. 

Diane Lane, so petite with a hint of 60s—tinges of Hepburn?—at the premiere for Every Secret Thing.

Isabel Lucas, lovely Aussie actress and model in basically a lady-tuxedo at the premiere to Electric Slide.

Sofia Vergara and Emjay Anthony snuggling at the premiere for Chef.

Katie Holmes with a little bit of military and bling on basic black and white at Boulevard premiere.

Mindy Kaling, a touch of cat woman at Alex of Venice premiere.

Amy Berg and Nate Parker, classic and dashing in black and white with a bit of sparkle at Every Secret Thing.

Isabell McNally in red wine-and-white. Amid the tuxedo sea, Frances Ha stars splashed with elegant one pieces in color. Here, McNally at the Loitering With Intent premiere.

Greta Gerwig all splash in a pink tuxedo of sorts at the 9th annual Chanel Artist's Dinner at Balthazar.

Gita Pullapilly bright and gorgeous in black and white at her own premiere for Beneath the Harvest Sky.

Sophie Auster's (singer and Paul and Siri Hustvedt's daughter!) sparkly black handbag with a splash of cool blue. At the 9th annual Chanel Artist's Dinner at Balthazar.

Atlanta De Cadenet Taylor, the downtown model/DJ does tuxedo with several splashes at the 9th annual Chanel Artist's Dinner at Balthazar.

Fazeelat Aslam gets complicated with black leather at the Tomorrow We Disappear premiere.

Lexi Atkins, Jordan Rubin, Cortney Palm, a geometric equation of shades of tuxedo at the Zombeavers premiere.

Dree Hemingway, serpent like in zebra tones at a screening for X/Y.

America Ferrera and Melonie Diaz, how much fun would it be to party with these two at a screening for X/Y?

Emma Roberts, gorgeously vampiryc at the after party for Palo Alto.

Courtney Cox and Johnny McDaid, friendly in love at Cox's directing debut premiere for Just Before I Go.

Natasha Lyonne, red carpet-ready shorts-and-tee at the TFF Awards Night.

Heather Graham, elegantly ornamented in black and white at the TFF Awards Night. 

Nikki Reed, all class at the Murder of a Cat premiere. 

Jeff Goldblum, contemplative in rocker tuxedo at the TFF Awards Night.

Zoe Levin, triangular tuxedo at the after party for Palo Alto.

Lake Bell, black and white every which way at the TFF Awards Night.

Alan Iverson, bad boy snuggly at the premiere for Iverson.

Gia Coppola, Emma Roberts, and Nat Wolff at the Apple Store, talking Palo Alto.

Eva Longoria, all nighttime elegance at Food Chains, After the Movie.

Olivia Thirlby, red carpet bohemian at Just Before I Go.

Michael Douglas! Dashing and dashing off after Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon.

Elisabeth Moss and Charlie McDowell, not black and white at all but we love 'em at the premiere for The One I Love.