Film: Dior and I
Name: Frederic Tcheng
Occupation: Filmmaker
Fashion tidbits: "I wanted to be casually dressed but colorful."
Neighborhood: Brooklyn

Dior and I
Name: Darin Holt
Occupation: Advertising
Fashion tidbits: "When I was getting dressed today I started with what clean pants do I have?"
Number of times at TFF: 3
Neighborhood: Inwood, Manhattan

Film: Ballet 422
Name: Bonnie Pedlon
Occupation: PR
Fashion tidbits: "It's finally spring, why not celebrate with a no-longer-winter white?"

Film: Ballet 422
Name: Aria Mandillo
Occupation: Visual Merchandiser
Fashion tidbits: Dress from Zara.
Neighborhood: Gramercy.

Ballet 422
Name: Alex Travers and Carlotta Corno
Occupations: Assistant Editor and Hotel Investments Analyst
Fashion tidbits: Alex: "Prada is always my favorite." Carlotta: "Emporio Armani pants and jacket, Louis Vuitton bag."

BONUS: Who's in Line: Garnet's Gold

Film: Garnet's Gold
Name: Garnet Frost (the star of the doc!)
Fashion tidbits: "I only have two ties and I wore the other one yesterday."
Number of times at TFF: 1
Neighborhood: London

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