The Theory of Everything: Eddie Redmayne plays Stephen Hawking during the astrophysicist's time at Cambridge, when he meets the love of his life and is diagnosed with the degenerative disease that he's fated to suffer through for the rest of his life. Redmayne apparently worked with the choreographer from World War Z to emulate the movements of someone suffering from ALS.

National Gallery: Visit the National Gallery in London without leaving the country as you watch Frederick Wiseman's documentary.  Wiseman allows the Gallery to tell its own story, constructing the narration from conversations amongst administrators, the work of a conservationalist, or interpretations of the art offered by the tour guides. The documentary works both as a viritual tour of the National Gallery and as a thematically complex piece that asks questions of art and profit, labor and leisure.

The Better Angels: From Terrence Malick's protege A.J. Edwards, The Better Angels is a soulful biopic of Abraham Lincoln's turbulent upbringing. True to Malickian form, Edwards camera work is grand and sweeping, featuring the Lincoln family walking solitarily through the expansive fields in rural Indiana.  As a bright child with limited access to schooling, young Abe in The Better Angels is quiet, spending most of his screentime reading or looking off into the distance.