One of our favorite documentaries from last year’s was Our Nixon, Penny Lane’s mesmerizing look into the Nixon administration by way of home movies shot by members of Nixon’s infamous staff. Now, she needs your help to complete her next film, Nuts! The Brinkley Story, a documentary about medical maverick and all around Renaissance man John Romulus Brinkley who performed goat testicle transplants to attempt to cure erectile dysfunction.

And that’s not all he did! Lane chronicles a wide array of Brinkley’s accomplishments, ranging from building the world’s most powerful radio station and inventing junk mail to becoming the (kind of) elected Governor of Kansas. So how did he do it? Why isn’t he more well-known? You’ll have to help fund the documentary to find out!

With less than a week to go in this Kickstarter, your contributions can really make a difference. Rewards include exclusive updates, free month-long Fandor memberships, digital downloads, apothecary bottles and even a goat trophy. Click here to learn more!