“It is incredibly difficult to get a story across. The frustration that it may not be heard or that it may not cause the revolution that you hope—it can wear on your soul.”

“Technology has changed the way we approach entertainment in all ways. It’s become much more interactive and it was only a matter of time before news did the same.” In the tenth episode of Acting Disruptive, TFF alum Olivia Wilde talks with host Max Lugavere about RYOT, a news source that allows young people to approach the world in their own way and offers them the opportunity to engage directly (and immediately) with the causes and organizations they are passionate about.  

The actress also discusses her recent trip to Senegal that allowed her to share her group’s experience on RYOT, empower their followers through activism and break down the barriers between the comfortable in western society and people in other parts of the world who really need our help.