Julianne Moore (our Greatest Living Screen Actress) and Ellen Page (one of our most annoyingly undervalued and unfairly under-challenged) star in this real-life drama about Laurel Hester (Moore), a dying, strong-willed New Jersey police officer who began a nationally-covered legal battle to transfer her pension benefits to her young and devoted domestic partner (Page) in 2003.

Now, have the tears started streaming down your face yet or are you someone who's superhumanly immune to the mere idea of Julianne Moore suffering?

In any case, Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist director Peter Sollett directed the feature and Philadelphia scribe Ron Nyswaner wrote it, while Steve Carrell pops up in characteristically adorable fashion as Hester's out-and-proud attorney and Michael Shannon takes a break from being your go-to man for raving, bug-eyed psychopaths in order to play Hester's wry police partner and unlikely ally. In light of the Supreme Court's momentous gay marriage ruling, not to mention Ireland's historic vote the month prior, Freeheld couldn't possibly arrive at a more apt time for both American moviegoers and international audiences, and is sure to be a major contender come Oscar time.

Watch the trailer above and then run to the bathroom in order to hide your full-bodied sobbing from judgy co-workers.