The filmmakers of the Flies Collective (Daniel Patrick Carbone, Matthew Petock, and Zachary Shedd) first came to our attention with Hide Your Smiling Faces, the lyrical coming-of-age drama from Daniel Patrick Carbone that took TFF 2013 by storm. Needless to say, we got very excited when we got wind of the Kickstarter campaign for their third feature film.

This time, Zachary Shedd is stepping into the writer/director position with Americana, an indie take on the great San Francisco thrillers of the 1970s (think The Conversation or Dirty Harry). TFF alum David Call (Gabriel, Nor'easter) stars as Avery Wells, a recovering alcoholic who is trying to prove himself again as a film editor. When his movie-star sister (Rachel Brosnahan) is killed outside a party, Avery must find her murderer while dealing with his addiction.

After two years of fundraising and 32 drafts of the script, Shedd is ready to make his passion project with the aid of the Flies Collective…and indie film lovers like you! The trio is offering great rewards like a postcard from the set, a digital download of the film, swag designed by Amos Goldbaum and even a gift basket full of goodies from San Francisco!

Click here to learn more about Americana and contribute to their Kickstarter campaign!