Rising star artist Justin Bettman is making a name for himself by turning found-on-the-street objects into installation art gold.

Bettman transforms New York City sidewalks into photo shoot-ready vignettes -- actors, costumes, and all -- then leaves the awe-inspiring remains to be re-appropriated by random passersby (see: ever-trending Instagram #SetInTheStreet) and literally re-claimed, object by object, until there's nothing left.

Tribeca recently teamed up Bettman to bring his project to life in the form of a film.

FILM WARNING: This might be a little too real. Your most unpleasant high school memories are about to get dredged back up.

For TFF 2015, Bettman conceived “Prom Night,” a staging of the worst night in any teenage boy’s life, when his awkward and increasingly desperate attempts to “score” inevitably crash, burn, and leave him feeling more like Screech Powers than Zack Morris. Check out the video above and, fellas, take solace in the fact that you’re not alone—it happens to the best of us.