It took the Sundance Film Festival by storm in January, and then continued its buzz-building surge at TFF 2015 last month. And now, The Wolfpack finally has a trailer.

Sure to be one of this summer’s most talked-about movies, NYC-based filmmaker Crystal Moselle’s fascinating documentary captures the truly one-of-a-kind lifestyle of the Angulo brothers, six youngsters living on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, but with a catch: they never leave their apartment. Instead of interacting with others and basking in fresh New York air, they’re locked inside their apartment, due to their parents’ curious religious beliefs; to pass the time, the Angulo boys turn their intense love for cinema into a daily exercise, reenacting their favorite movies—like Reservoir Dogs, The Dark Knight, and The Usual Suspects—from start to finish.

A beneficiary of a Tribeca Film Insitute-issued grant, The Wolfpack is one of those stranger-than-fiction stories that only the documentary format can honor, and it’s scheduled to open in limited release on June 12. Give the trailer a look above.

Bonus: Check out a video of the Angulo brothers and Moselle working the red carpet for The Wolfpack's TFF 2015 premiere here.