The Huffington Post recently interviewed Kyle M.F. Williams, or Keelayjams on Vine, about a little social experiment he conducted earlier this month: Tweeting his username and password so anyone could post as him. The result? Absolute chaos, and 3,000 out of his 64,000 followers lost. But he described the act as necessary, as he felt the sudden internet fame was getting to his head and that he needed to let go. Luckily, he reset his password and has continued to make his iconic, surreal Vines.

In the meantime, Jobs released a clip on Instagram Video, Nissan and Honda jump on the video app advertising bandwagon, and stop motion Vines continue to entrance us:

The Top 6 of the Week, In Our Opinion:

#foodballet, by GE Appliances

GE stands by its "Imagination at Work" slogan with this apple rendition of Swan Lake.

Mayo nightmare, by Chris Donlon

Now you know how that one friend of yours who won't touch anything with mayonnaise on it feels.

Doubt is a zombie that devours dreams, by Chris Donlon

This is the second one on the list by Chris Donlon, who is steadily proving himself to be a master of stop motion Vines.

Sketching a passing train, by Pinot

Even after his interview, the mystique surrounding his work hasn't faded a bit.

Divine intervention, by Xavier Dominguez

Annoying someone just reached a higher level. 

How to watch every single episode of Lost, by Papa C Los

It's one shot of every Lost episode, reduced to 6 seconds. Does this make anyone else want to rewatch the whole thing?

The Week In Celebrity Vines:

Life in the makeup chair, by Isiah Whitlock Jr. 

For fans of The Wire, Isian Whitlock Jr. says that he's in makeup for a big new role.

Celeb chef Giada De Laurentiis shows producer Jennie Thompson her ET-like thumb, by TODAY

Exactly what the title says, but cuter.

Be careful what you wish for (because aliens), by Sunny Mabrey

The actress/model/director presents us with something magical.

And the Most Popular Vine of the Week Is...

Was the BBC over the top? By Jules Mattsson

This is for everyone who feels they will go certifiably insane if they hear the phrase "royal baby" one more time.

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