Created and hosted by museum curator Sarah Urist Green with her husband and bestselling author John Green (check out our interview with the couple from last September), The Art Assignment is an educational series from PBS Digital in which Green looks to de-mystify the art-making process by traveling all over the country and interviewing contemporary artists.

Every week these artists give an assignment, ranging from "create something and destroy it" to "plant an object somewhere public and document whoever picks it up," which viewers are encouraged to document and upload onto their social media site of choice with the hashtag #theartassignment for everyone to see.

With two episodes already online it’s evident that The Art Assignment doesn't just encourages viewers to create a painting with new materials, but also expands our definition of what falls under "art." The first assignment, titled "Meet in the Middle" for example, prompts audiences to meet a friend at their exact geographical midpoint, set a time, and then forgo communication with each other until you’ve both arrived the location. The result is an interactive platform that pushes boundaries of traditional art and encourages audiences to not just accept what art currently is but also see what it can be.  

Don’t just take our word for it though, check out the first two episodes below!

The Art Assignment premieres every Thursday at 10 a.m. Subscribe to their Youtube page and try it out yourself!