"In April it's the death of cinema, and in November it's the golden age of cinema."

- David Denby

The Death of Film?: Joshua Topolsky with A.O. Scott and David Denby took place on 4/24/13 at Tribeca's Future of Film Live at 92YTribeca as part of the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival. Here's the full conversation, with select highlight clips of a few of our favorite moments below.

Scott and Denby on the big studios: ""One thing about big studios you have to realize is they're not working for us, they're working for the global marketplace, and this has had a big effect on storytelling and on content.":

Denby on watching movies with ADD: "One of the reasons I love movies is the immersive quality...you get to the theater and you're close enough so that the borders of the screen disappear.":

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