Palo Alto, Gia Coppola's electric feature debut, has delighted film-lovers in NYC and LA, so we're excited that even more of you will get the chance to see the movie taking the indie world by storm. 

Based on James Franco's Palo Alto: Stories, the film follows a group of affluent Californian teens on the verge of adulthood. With no goals nor any real guidance, these kids are left to fend for themselves, and bad behavior and angst threaten each of their futures. Brimming with authenticity, Coppola deftly portrays the vulnerability and uncertainty that goes along with adolescence.

Enjoy these clips, and find out where Palo Alto is playing near you. 

"You look really good out there."

"You know you can talk to me, right? That's part of what a coach does."

"History is just explaining why things happen."

Palo Alto is now playing in NY, LA, Boston, Chicago, DC, Philadelphia, and across the Bay Area. Check the film page for more dates across the country.