Artists should not be limited to just one medium through which to tell their stories. We share that belief with indie vet Dan Schoenbrun, who has assembled a team of 5 independent New York filmmakers to embark on a collaborative new web series entitled collective:unconscious. The concept for this 5 episode series is as fascinating and daring as the filmmakers themselves. The team consists of Daniel Patrick Carbone (Hide Your Smiling Faces, TFF 2013), Josephine Decker (Thou Wast Mild and Lovely), Frances Bodomo (Afronauts), Lauren Wolkstein (Social Butterfly), and Lily Baldwin (Sleepover LA).  Initially, each member of the group will write down a vivid dream he or she once had. Then, in each episode, another artist in the group will take on the challenge of adapting the filmmaker’s dream for the computer screen.

What’s notable is that these filmmakers will have absolutely no restrictions (except budgetary, of course). They will retain creative control and can make their episode any length they want—30 minutes or even 30 seconds long. Genre and format will also be left up to them. One person’s dream about a princess could be rendered as a horrible nightmare by the adapting filmmaker.

Filmmakers need space to create without interference from the industry or other outside pressures. 

These filmmakers need your help to make this exciting project a reality. As of publication, there are only two weeks left to back collective:unconscious on Kickstarter. Different reward levels include exclusive access to private Spotify and YouTube playlists, digital downloads and even a 15-minute dream analysis with one of the five participating filmmakers. Click here to donate (or just learn more about the project).

Filmmakers need space to create without interference from the industry or other outside pressures. We encourage other artists to explore new ways of storytelling through different outlets and endeavors. The possibilities are endless.