TFF alums Michael Beach Nichols and Christopher Walker (Flex Is Kings, TFF 2013) are back with a new documentary and they need your help to finish the film. In late 2013, the duo travelled to under populated Leith, North Dakota where a band of white separatists, led by the notorious Calvin Cobb, made an attempt to take over the town’s government.

Shot over an 8-month period by a two-person crew, the film documents the residents of Leith as they resist Cobb’s extremist vision, hateful messages and his band of followers who guard the town in armed patrol units. While it would be an easy story to sensationalize, Nichols and Walker capture both sides of the Leith conflict with objectivity and respect.

At the time of writing, Welcome to Leith has 22 days to raise a little more than 51,000. So show your support now and spread the word!