As Before Midnight has swept the land, it's left a lot of totally obsessed fans in its wake. To satiate this need, here are seven highlights from our live talk with Richard Linklater, Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy from TFF 2013, in which the director and co-star/co-writers reflect on everything from on-screen chemistry to reformatting the concept of the romantic movie. Enjoy!

First up: the team discusses the chemistry between the two leads in the first film.

The actors and director reveal how Hawke and Delpy made their scripted lines sound so organic:

Eleminating pretension from the screenplay:

How Hawke and Delpy spiced up the repetitive rehearsal process:

The risks of making a sequel to an indie film:

A glimpse into the mind of Hawke's character, who was crafted carefully for a period of 18 years:

And, lastly, we have Julie Delpy bring up the significance of breaking the romantic film mold, and what it means for female characters in love stories:

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