Ashley Judd Fights the Good Fight
What you need to read: In an incredible and empowering op-ed entitled "Forget Your Team: Your Online Violence Toward Girls and Women Is What Can Kiss My Ass," actress, women's rights advocate, and Kentucky Wildcats superfan Ashley Judd takes on the despicable Twitter trolls who threatened her with sexual violence, abuse, and death after she merely tweeted her support for her team's bid in the NCAA basketball tournament.
Tribeca says: An essay that proves that the best form of retaliation against social media misogny is to be as bold, brave, and resilient as Judd is here.

"I'm actually black, but you assumed otherwise..."
What you need to watch: During a conversation on MSNBC's All In with Chris Hayes about Starbucks' bizarre "Race Together" campaign, an awkward misunderstanding transpired between panelists Nancy Giles and Jay Smooth over the latter's cultural heritage, as Giles accused Smooth of imitating black mannerisms in his viral YouTube video "How to Tell Someone They Sound Racist," not understand that the light-skinned Smooth is actually black himself.
Tribeca says: An interesting watch that illuminates more about current race relations than any trendy sticker on a coffee cup could ever possibly do.

If It Follows, They Will Come
What you need to see: After an amazing opening weekend haul in only four theaters in New York and Los Angeles, David Robert Mitchell's acclaimed horror callback It Follows has found its VOD debut halted by distributor Radius-TWC, who is moving the movie into 40 theaters this Friday and will expand it into over 1,000 cinemas the following week.
Tribeca says: This imaginative and intimidatingly lovely film fully deserves your eyes and dollars. See it now and never sleep again!

A Tribute to the Cinematic Rude Awakening
What you need to watch: A new supercut by Vimeo user Roman Holiday compiles clips from 89 different films (roughly half of them from the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise alone) to pay funny, loving tribute to the time-honored tradition of movie characters shooting upright in bed after awaking from the throes of a bad dream.
Tribeca says: Unlike the panting, sweat-stained teenage prey about to be julienned by Freddy Krueger, may this cinematic trope never die!

Wrestling Isn't Wrestling, But it Sure is... Something
What you need to watch: Rising writer-director Max Landis (Chronicle, the upcoming Jesse Eisenberg-Kristen Stewart starrer American Ultra) has filmed a homemade, cameo-filled, "somewhat-mostly-accurate" educational short about the history of professional wrestling. Landis gathered together both wrestling legends and celebrity curios like Macaulay Culkin and Seth Green for this parodical love letter to a highly-dubious enterprise, and, in a clever twist, cast actresses as the superstar male wrestlers.
Tribeca says: This funny, unpredictable spin on a much-maligned "sport" is all the more enjoyable because it so clearly comes from a place of love and enthusiasm.