1. Critics are praising it:

"The Broken Circle Breakdown forms an eloquent treaty on the spectrum of emotions that music has the power to convey. It's also, by virtue of its heated, alternately charismatic and furious leads, possibly the best musical romance since "Once" to explore the abstract dimensions of a relationship through harmony."

Eric Kohn, IndieWire

"[...] Equal parts toe-tappin’ and tear-jerking"

Jordan Hoffman, NY Daily News

"It’s a superb tearjerker, juxtaposing the inherent passion and sorrow of romance to masterful effect in between beautiful bluegrass ballads."

William Gross, FILM.com

"Cathartic [...] even as our hearts are gently broken."

Jessica Kiang, IndieWire


2. People who see it are Tweeting about how much they love it:

3. Fans are even making art on Tumblr based on it:




The Broken Circle Breakdown is now available on VOD and digital platforms. ​