Global Creativity: Here is the Full Short Film Lineup for Tribeca 2020

The films in this globe-spanning program of shorts may be small in size, but their vision, feeling, and artistry know no limits.

Global Creativity: Here is the Full Short Film Lineup for Tribeca 2020

Today, we announced our expansive shorts program lineup for the 2020 Tribeca Film Festival. Setting a record with over 6,100 submissions, the final program roster includes 64 diverse and captivating short films from 20 countries around the globe; 46 of these selections are world premieres, including DreamWorks Animation's new animated short, Taylor Meacham's To Gerard. The short films will be presented in 10 distinct competition programs: five narrative, four documentary, and one animation. For the fourth consecutive year, 40 percent of the selections are directed by women filmmakers. Queen Collective by Procter & Gamble in partnership with Queen Latifah, Flavor Unit Entertainment, and Tribeca Studios, a program dedicated to supporting gender and racial equality behind the camera, is also back this year with two new documentary shorts by three fast-rising women directors.

The 2020 shorts lineup is programmed by Sharon Badal and Ben Thompson. The 2020 Tribeca Film Festival takes place from Wednesday, April 15th to Sunday, April 26th. All ticket packages and passes are available to purchase now; click here to buy yours today.

"In this important election year we have a political doc shorts program that illustrates contemporary issues facing our country, as well as a music doc shorts program that's very diverse," said Sharon Badal, Vice President of Filmmaker Relations and Shorts Programming, Tribeca Film Festival. "Everyone needs some escapism too, so our comedy shorts, sci-fi shorts, and New York shorts programs are back by popular demand."

A still from Taylor Meacham's To Gerard.

Tribeca's defining tradition of discovering talent and supporting filmmaker alumni development will again be on full display in this year’s short program. A cohort of seven student films will make their debut, and Tribeca welcomes back many alumni with short films, including Alex Budovsky (Bathwell in Clerkentime), Carlos Javier Ortiz (Shikaakwa), Bryan Buckley (Saria), James Burns (Solitary), Chris Burkard (Unnúr), and Scott Calonico (Betrayal).

Notable voiceover talent and actors featured in the 2020 Tribeca Film Festival Shorts Film program include David Oyelowo and Benedict Cumberbatch (The Tiger Who Came to Tea); Paulína Garcia (Vera), Walton Goggins, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Dennis Quaid (John Bronco), Justice Smith and Armie Hammer (Query); and Ruth Bader Ginsberg (Making the Case). Plus, Stephan Jenkins of Third Eye Blind (featured in Motorcycle Drive By) will perform after the world premiere of the program Shorts: Rhythm of Life in Hoboken, New Jersey.

International storytelling will be celebrated in Tribeca's Short Film program, with 44 percent of its selections originating from 20 different countries, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong SAR, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Qatar, Russia, South Africa, Spain Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

A still from Carlos Javier Ortiz's Shikaakwa.

The 2020 Best Live Action Short and Best Documentary Short Academy Award® winners The Neighbors' Window and Learning to Skateboard in a Warzone (If You're a Girl) both had their world premieres at the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival and continue the latest in Tribeca's long tradition of curating shorts that have been recognized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Recipients of the Tribeca Film Festival awards for Best Narrative Short, Best Documentary Short, and Best Animated Short will qualify for consideration in the Academy Awards' Short Films category, provided the film complies with Academy rules. The Tribeca Film Festival also gives out an annual Student Visionary Award to a film made by an emerging student filmmaker.

The 2020 Tribeca Film Festival Shorts Program is as follows:

Animated Shorts Curated by Whoopi G

Imaginative storytelling and captivating craft. Suggested for those 14 and older.

Grandad Was A Romantic, directed, written, and by Maryam Mohajer. (UK) - New York Premiere, Short Animation. Grandad first fell in love with granny seeing her picture. It sounds like a fairy tale. All it needs is a happy ending. With Maya Naraghi.

Umbrella, directed and written by Helena Hilario, Mario Pece. Produced by Helena Hilario. (Brazil) - New York Premiere, Short Animation. Inspired by true events, Umbrella is a short film that follows Joseph, a boy who lives in an orphanage and dreams of having a yellow umbrella.

The Tiger Who Came to Tea, directed by Robin Shaw, written by Joanna Harrison, Judith Kerr. Produced by Ruth Fielding, Camilla Deakin. (UK) - World Premiere, Short Animation. A mysterious tiger turns up unannounced and invites himself in for afternoon tea. With David Oyelowo, Benedict Cumberbatch, Tamsin Greig, Clara Ross, David Walliams.

Beyond Noh, directed by Patrick Smith, written by Patrick Smith, Kaori Ishida. Produced by Kaori Ishida. (USA) - World Premiere, Short Animation. Beyond Noh rhythmically animates 3,475 individual masks from all over the world.

Kapaemahu, directed by Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu, Dean Hamer, Joe Wilson. Produced by Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu, Dean Hamer, Joe Wilson. (USA) - World Premiere, Short Animation. Four mysterious boulders on Waikiki Beach have a hidden history; within them, there are legendary transgender healing spirits. In Hawaiian with English subtitles.

Bathwell in Clerkentime, directed, written, and produced by Alex Budovsky. (Colombia, USA) - World Premiere, Short Animation. This is the animated short that completes the trilogy about cuckoos from Clerkenwell going nuts. In this episode, birds face problems with marriage, raising kids, and alcohol.

Friends, directed, written, and produced by Florian Grolig. (Germany) - North American Premiere, Short Animation. The "small" one is, well, small, and the "big" one is definitely very very big. They are friends.

To Gerard, directed and written by Taylor Meacham. Produced by Jeff Hermann. (USA) - World Premiere, Short Animation. A sprightly elderly man brightens the day of a little girl through magic.

Choose Your Battles

Documentaries about politics, perseverance, and purses.

Sixth of June, directed by Henry Roosevelt. Produced by Rylan Soref, Nicole Galovski. (USA) - New York Premiere, Short Documentary. Why do we remember, and what do we lose if we forget? With Susan Eisenhower, Helen Patton, Keith Nightengale.

USA V SCOTT, directed by Ora DeKornfeld, Isabel Castro. Produced by Ora DeKornfeld. (USA) - New York Premiere, Short Documentary. When an Arizona resident is charged with three felony counts and faces a 20-year prison sentence for helping migrants, his community grapples with moral questions posed by his arrest. With Scott Warren, Emily Saunders, Greg Kuykendall.

The Undocumented Lawyer, directed by Zach Ingrasci, Chris Temple, written by Zach Ingrasci, Chris Temple. Produced by Jenna Kelly. (USA) - World Premiere, Short Documentary. Lizbeth Mateo is an attorney who swore to uphold the Constitution. She’s also undocumented. When a client takes sanctuary in a church, Lizbeth’s own experience guides their fight for justice. With Lizbeth Mateo, Edith Espinal. In English, Spanish with English subtitles.

Shikaakwa, directed by Carlos Javier Ortiz, written by Carlos Javier Ortiz, Tina K. Sacks. Produced by Carlos Javier Ortiz, Tina K. Sacks. (USA) - World Premiere, Short Documentary. Its title derived from the indigenous word for Chicago, this story meditates on the physical spaces that hold us up and hold us back. With Ondelee Pertee, Deetreena Perteet.

Vote Neil, directed by Honora Talbott. Produced by Honora Talbott. (USA) - New York Premiere, Short Documentary. A Marine vet runs to be the first openly gay man elected to the Alabama State Legislature. With Neil Rafferty, Michael Rudulph.

Making The Case, directed, written, and produced by Jennifer Callahan. (USA) - World Premiere, Short Documentary. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, for whom legal arguments are daily currency, examines her handbags, revealing a corner of a mind that has argued and won historic cases.

Don't Look Back

Some decisions are irrevocable.

The Last Ferry from Grass Island (島嶼故事), directed and written by Linhan Zhang. Produced by Clifford Miu. (Hong Kong SAR, USA) - World Premiere, Short Narrative. A Hong Kong hitman retires as a fisherman on the peaceful Grass Island. One day, his Chinese apprentice shows up, tasked to kill him before the last ferry departs. With Tai Bo, Wang Yang, Yee Yee Yeung. In Cantonese, Mandarin with English subtitles.

No More Wings, directed and written by Abraham Adeyemi. Produced by Abiola Rufai. (UK) - World Premiere, Short Narrative. At a divergent point in their lives, two lifelong friends (Ivanno Jeremiah, Parys Jordon) meet at their favorite South London fried chicken shop. With Ivanno Jeremiah, Parys Jordon, Joshua Cameron, Tyrus Mckenzie.

Burros, directed and written by Jefferson Stein. Produced by Liz Cardenas. (USA) - World Premiere, Short Narrative. While traveling through the Tohono O’odham tribal lands into the United States, a six-year-old indigenous girl (Amaya Juan) discovers a Hispanic migrant her age who has lost her father. With Amaya Juan, Zuemmy Carrillo, Virginia Patricio, Rupert Lopez. In English, Spanish with English subtitles.

The Cypher, directed by Letia Solomon, written by Wes Akwuobi. Produced by Anne Brashier, C. Craig Patterson. (USA) - World Premiere, Short Narrative. With his reputation and a potential record deal on the line, Khalil (Nigel Cox) confronts his opponent (Kerrice Brooks) and defends his identity after being outed during a freestyle competition. With Nigel Cox, Kerrice Brooks, Juan Gil, O'Shay Neal, Nelcie Souffrant, Alexander Robinson, Michael Devon.

The Catch (El Salto), directed by Thais Drassinower, written by Camila Zavala. (Peru) - World Premiere, Short Narrative. The trust between married trapeze artists (Oscar Meza, Vania Accinelli) is threatened before the most important performance of their career. With Oscar Meza, Vania Accinelli, Roberto Ruiz. In Spanish with English subtitles.

Saria, directed and written by Bryan Buckley. Produced by Aura Santamaria. (USA) - New York Premiere, Short Narrative. Two inseparable orphaned sisters, Saria and Ximena (Estefanía Tellez, Gabriela Ramírez), fight against daily abuse and unimaginable hardship at Virgen de La Asuncion Safe Home in Guatemala. With Estefanía Tellez, Gabriela Ramírez. In Spanish with English subtitles.

Live and Learn

Documentary life lessons past, present, and future.

Mr. Somebody, directed and written by Brian Wertheim. Produced by Jared Callahan, Jonathan Pickett. (USA) - New York Premiere, Short Documentary. A former member of the Crips searches for redemption after 14 years behind bars. With Jerome "Bam" Blackburn.

Solitary, directed and written by James Burns, Shal Ngo. Produced by Chris Wilson, Jake Ewald. (USA) - World Premiere, Short Documentary. A documentary hybrid about solitary confinement, following three people who have spent a combined nine years in solitary, one of whom co-directed the film. With James Burns, Pamela Winn, Five Mualimm-ak, Jack DiFalco, Alana Barrett-Adkins, Daniel Danielson.

Float, directed, written and produced by Saila Huusko. (Finland) - World Premiere, Short Documentary. Women in Sri Lanka confront community expectations by learning to swim; along the way, swimming becomes a way to stay afloat. In English, Sinhalese with English subtitles.

Betrayal, directed by Scott Calonico, written by Scott Calonico, Harmon Leon. Produced by Harmon Leon. (Germany, UK, USA) - World Premiere, Short Documentary. Andy (Andreas Stiller Hudson), deserted as a child by his father (Werner Stiller), uncovers a forgotten 40-year-old goodbye letter from his dad. With Andreas Stiller. In with English subtitles.

Crescendo!, directed by Alex Mallis. Produced by Matt O'Neill, Perri Peltz. (USA) - World Premiere, Short Documentary. An opera singer (Michael Fabiano) finds his voice. With Michael Fabiano.

Unnúr, directed by Chris Burkard, written by Matt McDonald, Ben Weiland. Produced by Mike Sandifer. (USA) - World Premiere, Short Documentary. Elli is an Icelandic photographer, surfer, and kayaker whose perspective changed after surviving a near death experience. Today he is a father and the film details the complicated world of parenthood. With Elli Thor Magnusson, Unnur Erlendsdottir.


Comedies that go off the rails.

One Last Last Heist, directed and written by Darrin Rose. Produced by Courtney Hicks. (Canada) - New York Premiere, Short Narrative. An armed robber (Suresh John) sets up his heartbroken buddy on a meet-cute—during a heist. With Suresh John, Darrin Rose, Ava Julien, Marito Lopez.

A Piece of Cake, directed and written by The Bragg Brothers. Produced by Lana Link, RD Delgado, Rob Pfaltzgraff. (USA) - New York Premiere, Short Narrative. When a desperate father (Rich Sommer) discovers his daughter’s (Riona O’Donnell) favorite cake decoration is illegal, he descends into a confectionery black market. Should he break a birthday promise or break the law? With Rich Sommer, Natalie Britton, Riona O'Donnell, Michael Villar.

Query, directed by Sophie Kargman, written by Ryan Farhoudi, Sophie Kargman. Produced by Sophie Kargman, Nicole Smolen, Ryan Farhoudi, Nick Delli Santi, Ashton Ramsey. (USA) - World Premiere, Short Narrative. A leisurely day belies its uninvited end as Jay (Justice Smith) and Alex (Graham Patrick Martin), best friends and roommates, challenge one another on their opinions of sexuality. With Justice Smith, Graham Patrick Martin, Armie Hammer, Olivia Sui.

I Can Change, directed and written by Jim Jenkins. Produced by Marc Grill, Greg McCollum. (USA) - World Premiere, Short Narrative. The night before his wedding, an underachiever (John Hoogenakker) receives the power to stop time, so he attempts to make major life changes his fiancé (Lucy Cudden) wants him to make, all before morning. With John Hoogenakker, Lucy Cudden, Annie Sertich, Kimberly Dooley, Matt Newell.

Egg, directed and written by Michael J. Goldberg. Produced by Kara Taylor Goldberg. (USA) - World Premiere, Short Narrative. Under the watchful eye of an elderly woman (Gabrielle Chan), a young girl (Kim Doan), bored in suburbia, becomes determined to claim a large Easter egg as her own. With Alex Anfanger, Caitlin McGee, Patrick Woodall, Leah Henoch, Aaron Schroeder.

John Bronco, directed by Jake Szymanski. Produced by Marc Gilbar, Meredith Kaulfers, Rebecca Donaghe, Maggie McLean. (USA, Iceland) - World Premiere, Short Narrative. The legendary pitchman for the Ford Bronco rises, falls, and is ultimately redeemed. With Walton Goggins, Tim Meadows, Tim Baltz, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Bo Derek, Dennis Quaid.

New York

All world premiere stories from the city we call home.

Prelude, directed by Tsubasa Matsumoto, written by Koji Enomoto, Tsubasa Matsumoto & Klark Chaudry. Produced by Victor Tyler, Zoey Pressey. (USA) - World Premiere, Short Narrative. Alex (Vincenzo Hickley) shares distressing thoughts about life to Marion (Jessica Park), a girl he is smitten with, and winds up revealing the truth of their birth. With Vincenzo Hickley, Jessica Park, Tara Westwood, Ariel Eliaz.

Black Ghost Son, directed and written by Christopher Low. Produced by Tiffany Jackman. (USA) - World Premiere, Short Narrative. Eddie (Gary Luk) is learning to become a father and his son, Troy (Kavon John Lightse), is navigating the spaces between ethnicity and identity. With Kavon John Lightsey, Gary Luk, Cece Anna Lee.

Shadows, directed and written by Ria Tobaccowala. Produced by Rekha Tobaccowala, Ashley Deckman, Ria Tobaccowala. (USA) - World Premiere, Short Narrative. During the fragile chapter when a girl faces womanhood, Naya (Crystal De La Cruz) explores her independence on homecoming night away from her watchful family. With Crystal De La Cruz, Reynaldo Piniella, Selenis Leyva, Juan Arturo, Awilda Santana. In English, Spanish with English subtitles.

Look At Me, directed and written by Nika Fehmiu. Produced by Nika Fehmiu, Anton Vicente Kliot, Hannah Vicente Kliot. (USA) - World Premiere, Short Narrative. On a winter night in New York City, a young, intoxicated boy’s (Connor Vasile) fate is determined by his brief encounters with strangers, and a deeper American truth is exposed. With Hadley Robinson, Connor Vasile, Juliette Alice Gobin, Snezana Bogdanovic, Uliks Fehmiu, John Gargan. In Bosnian, English with English subtitles.

Gets Good Light, directed by Alejandra Parody, written by Daniel Solé. Produced by Elizabeth Phillipson-Weiner. (USA) - World Premiere, Short Narrative. A luxury condo begins serving as an alluring open house by day, but by night becomes a brief refuge for a family targeted by immigration enforcement. With Jessica Pimentel, Cedric Lieba Jr., Edmond Cofie, Catherine Curtin. In English, Spanish with English subtitles.

Sloan Hearts Neckface, directed by Justin Fair, written by Ian Grody. Produced by Patrick Ng. (USA) - World Premiere, Short Narrative. An anonymous, anarchic graffiti artist (Raul Castillo) unexpectedly falls in love with a fan (Clara Mamet) but can’t be with her until he reveals his true identity. With Clara Mamet, Raúl Castillo, Isiah Whitlock Jr.

Tapes, directed and written by Dara Katz, Betsy Kenney. Produced by Sarah Donnenberg, Leah Donnenberg, Kirstin VanSkiver. (USA) - World Premiere, Short Narrative. A woman’s discovery of a 30-year-old recording leads to an awkward family dinner and an unexpected revelation about her mother (Maryann Plunkett). With Maryann Plunkett, Jay O. Sanders, Madeline Fischer, Jonathan Braylock, Devin Bockrath, Francis Li.

No Surrender

Documentaries concerning courage and conviction.

On Falling, directed and written by Josephine Anderson. Produced by Joella Cabalu. (Canada) - World Premiere, Short Documentary. In a meditation on the limits of the body and the mind, three young women (Andréane Lanthier Nadeau, Miranda Miller, Brittany Phelan) muse on their experiences as professional mountain bikers. With Andréane Lanthier Nadeau, Miranda Miller, Brittany Phelan. Also playing as part of the Tribeca/ESPN Sports Film Festival.

Tall Tales with True Queens, directed by Kristina Budelis, Leandro Badalotti. Produced by Kristina Budelis. (USA) - World Premiere, Short Documentary. At Drag Queen Story Hour, a controversial children's event series, a tale of pride and prejudice is told.

Akashinga, directed by Maria Wilhelm. Produced by Kim Butts, Drew Pulley, Maria Wilhelm. (USA) - World Premiere, Short Documentary. An all-female anti-poaching unit pushes a group of new recruits to the limit as they attempt to protect the elephants of their homeland.

Echoes in the Arctic, directed by Andy Maser, Paul Nicklen, Tahria Sheather. Produced by Tahria Sheather, Andy Maser, Sam Kretchmar. (USA, Norway) - World Premiere, Short Documentary. A team of dedicated filmmakers and scientists document the world's healthiest orca population in the Norwegian Arctic to help protect it from oil exploration.

Tā Moko – Behind the Tattooed Face, directed by Mick Andrews, David Atkinson. Produced by Mick Andrews, David Atkinson. (New Zealand) - New York Premiere, Short Documentary. Maori face tattooing is a tradition that almost died out through colonization. Bernard and Sapphire show their passion to see Maori communities heal by receiving face tattoos of their own.

My Brother's Keeper, directed and produced by Laurence Topham. (UK) - World Premiere, Short Documentary. A former Guantánamo detainee, Mohamedou Ould Salahi, and his one-time American guard, Steve Wood, form an unlikely friendship in an inspiring true story.

Rhythm of Life

Music infused documentaries with heart and soul.

The Difference, directed and written by Brianne Berkson, Miguel Gluckstern (BriGuel). Produced by Brianne Berkson, Miguel Gluckstern, Andres Gonzalez, Atman Smith, Ali Smith, Dr. Megan Poe, Cassie Smith. (USA) - New York Premiere, Short Documentary. How do we provide our children with tools to live and thrive? What can we do to make a difference?

My Father The Mover, directed and written by Julia Jansch. Produced by Julia Jansch, Mandilakhe Yengo. (South Africa) - New York Premiere, Short Documentary. African electronic Gqom beats motivate kids in the township of Khayelitsha, South Africa to jive through their hardship and find their superpowers.With Stoan Galela, Alatha Galela. In English, Xhosa with English subtitles.

Welcome to a Bright White Limbo, directed and written by Cara Holmes. Produced by Zlata Filipovic. (Ireland) - International Premiere, Short Documentary. Combining documentary and dance performance, this visually arresting film dives into the mind and creative process of Oona Doherty's award winning dance show, Hope Hunt. With Oona Doherty.

When I Write It, directed by Nico Opper, Shannon St. Aubin, written by Nico Opper, Shannon St. Aubin, Leila Mottley, Ajai Kasim. Produced by Nico Opper, Shannon St. Aubin. (USA) - World Premiere, Short Documentary. Two Oakland teens (Leila Mottley, Ajai Kasim) explore what it means to be young, black, and committed to making art in their rapidly changing city. With Leila Mottley, Ajai Kasim.

Motorcycle Drive By, directed and written by David Wexler. Produced by David Wexler, Bradford Coleman. (USA) - World Premiere, Short Documentary. Third Eye Blind cannot finish their new album in time for a massive tour. Their fans still show, breaking attendance records, and highlighting the importance of the band's deep cuts. With Stephan Jenkins, Brad Hargreaves, Kryz Reid, Colin Creev, Alex LeCavalier.

Update Required

Out of this world sci-fi shorts.

Carmentis, directed and written by Antony Webb. Produced by Jaclyn Hewer. (Australia) - World Premiere, Short Narrative. An injured and grief-stricken miner (Ben Mortley) on the desolate planet Carmentis must overcome his personal demons in order to survive, but can he get there before the planet freezes? With Ben Mortley, Adriane Daff, Jo Morris.

The Light Side, directed and written by Ryan Ebner. Produced by Dominick Ferro. (USA) - World Premiere, Short Narrative. An aging Sith Lord (Joseph Ragno) must come to grips with his past and discover why humility may be the greatest force in the galaxy. With Joseph Ragno.

Abducted, directed by Ben Joyner, written by Josh Barkey. Produced by Brad Jayne, Thomas Torrey, James Edward Tilden, Henry Drayton. (USA) - World Premiere, Short Narrative. A tongue-in-cheek Southern thriller about a rookie cop's (Jenna Kannell) first date gone horribly wrong. With Jenna Kannell, Jay Devon Johnson, Jesse C. Boyd, Rebecca Koon.

System Error, directed and written by Matt Vesely. Produced by Kirsty Stark. (Australia) - World Premiere, Short Narrative. George works at a convenience store, desperately hoping for a friend. But George is a robotic service unit, and robotic service units do not have friends. Not yet, anyway. With David Quirk, Nick Nemeroff.

A Better You, directed and written by Eamonn Murphy. Produced by Quintin Ahern. (Ireland) - International Premiere, Short Narrative. Living in a dystopian, neo-steampunk world, a shy young man named Douglas (Seán T. Ó’Meallaigh) invests in a customizable carbon clone to help him win the girl of his dreams. With Seán T. Ó’Meallaigh, Hannah Mamalis, Charlie Kranz, Aoife Nic Ardghail, Márcio Wille.

TOTO, directed by Marco Baldonado, written by Marco Baldonado, Walter Woodman. Produced by Jeremiah Lapointe, Marco Baldonado. (Canada) - World Premiere, Short Narrative. Rosa Forlano, a 90 year old Nonna, falls in love with a Robot while teaching it how to make spaghetti. Unfortunately, her recipe is forgotten after a software update. With Rosa Forlano, Simon Dragland, Walter Woodman, Marco Baldonado, Justin Macri, Gabriela Francis, Mary Rose Sciarrillo.

Jack and Jo Don't Want To Die, directed and written by Kantu Lentz. Produced by Roja Gashtili, Erica Fishman, Kate Bolger. (USA) - World Premiere, Short Narrative. Jack (Justin Kirk) works at a suspension facility where people choose to end their lives. On the night of his suspension, Jack's life takes a turn when he meets Jo. With Justin Kirk, Olivia Edward, Moses Storm, Hemky Madera.

Without Borders

Compelling dramas from here and abroad.

Grey Zone (תחום אפור), directed and written by Gal Sagy. Produced by Dor Azulay. (Israel) - North American Premiere, Short Narrative. On an urban crosswalk, Neta (Rachel Yaron) finds herself following a man (Udi Pers) who touched her abruptly and without her consent. With Udi Persi, Rachel Yaron. In Hebrew with English subtitles.

Cru-Raw (Cru), directed and written by David Oesch. Produced by Zurich University of the Arts. (Switzerland) - New York Premiere, Short Narrative. A young chef (Jeanne Werner) must learn that in this kitchen, a lot of blood, sweat, and tears go into making every dish. With Jeanne Werner, Malika Khatir, Nic Aklin. In French with English subtitles.

Liliu, directed and written by Jeremiah Tauamiti. Produced by Ngaire Fuata. (New Zealand) - New York Premiere, Short Narrative. An ambitious, young court interpreter (Vito Vito) risks everything to help Nua (Ana Tuisila), a wrongfully imprisoned chief, get back to her stranded grandchildren. With Vito Vito, Ana Tuisila, Peter Hayden, Tuiasau Uelese Petai. In English, Samoan with English subtitles.

Soup (Суп), directed by Inga Sukhorukova, written by Mark Kirdan, Inga Sukhorukova. Produced by Evgeniia Borisova, Inga Sukhorukova. (Russia) - World Premiere, Short Narrative. Can a bowl of soup heal old wounds? With Nikolay Kozak, Andrey Mihhalev. In Russian with English subtitles.

Blood and Glory, directed and written by Satinder Kaur. Produced by YJ Meira, Tema L. Staig, Allison Vanore, Kerry Michelle O'Brien, Uzma Xina Kang, Jeff Vespa. (USA) - World Premiere, Short Narrative. Two homeless, female veterans’ (Jomarla Melancon, Shara McGlinn) friendship is tested when they confront adversity, discrimination, and mother nature itself. With Jomarla Melancon, Shara McGlinn, Ian Littleworth, Tank Jones.

The Black Veil, directed and written by A.J. Al-Thani. Produced by Vibhav Gautam. (Qatar) - World Premiere, Short Narrative. An oppressed woman (Sana Al-Habib) puts her life at risk in order to find her freedom. With Sana Al-Habib, Ahmed Al-Nowfal Al-Tamimi. In Arabic with English subtitles.

Vera, directed and written by Laura Rubirola Sala. Produced by Laura Rubirola Sala, Clàudia Maluenda. (Spain) - World Premiere, Short Narrative. Vera (Paulina García), a fan of classical music who works as a night-time cleaner, discovers Miguel a man she has never seen but who she imagines thanks to the objects on his desk. With Paulina García. In Catalan with English subtitles.

Queen Collective by Procter & Gamble in partnership with Queen Latifah and Tribeca Studios

This year's documentaries put authentic and positive portrayals of women in front of the camera and celebrate multicultural women storytellers and directors behind the camera.

Tangled Roots, directed by Samantha Knowles. (USA) – World Premiere. Short Documentary. Tangled Roots follows Attica Scott, the only black woman representative in Kentucky, as she fights to dismantle a system of discrimination against black people penalized for something seemingly innocuous–their hair.

Gloves Off, co-directed by Nadine Natour and Ugonna Okpalaoka. (USA) – World Premiere. Short Documentary. Gloves Off follows the story of a young police officer who suits up and protects her community by day, then laces up and defends her undefeated boxing champion title by night. As she carves her own path in two male-dominated arenas, the film follows the people she fights for most: the residents on her patrol, her Florida hometown, and young boxers just like her.

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