After Instagram Video debuted a few weeks ago, reports showed that Vine use was starting to dip. However, over the 4th of July weekend (a strange time to announce big news, but okay), Vine revealed some very helpful new features like easier framing and the ability to preview shots. Without further ado, here's our list.

The Top 5 of the Week, In Our Opinion:

Biker Scouts, by Star Wars

It is never too hot outside for some promotion à la Stormtrooper.

Sorry Nick Confalone, by Meagan Cignoli

Our Vine interviewees Meagan and Nick happen to be good friends and frequent collaborators, and this is one of the gems they produced (be sure to see Nick's reaction Vine!)

Still trying to understand irony, by Danul

This user's Vines are the most surreal ones out there, hence why this dream-themed contest was a shoe-in. 

Mad Men in :07, by Tim Siedell

Mashups on Vine are pretty common and rarely good/not offensive, but this one is so simple and so deranged that it takes the gold.

Jack meets Debbie, by Manus

For all you Game of Thrones fans out there, this should prove to be a valiant attempt in humanizing Joffrey.

The Week In Celebrity Vines:

#Vineception, by Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner 

This was a big week for Game of Thrones actors on Vine, and these fun moments on the set of season 4 make you wish more than ever that the Stark sisters could finally be reunited (especially since they get along so well in real life.)

Tweet me your questions, by Judy Chu

Congresswoman Judy Chu has decided to use Vine as an open forum by letting people ask her questions on Twitter using the hashtag #AskJudy, which she'll then answer on Vine. It'll be interesting to see if any other politicians will catch on.

Sing with us, by Joe Jonas

Another innovative use of Vine this week was The Jonas Brothers announcing a contests where fans can record themselves singing and win a chance to perform with them on stage. Just like that, Vine's teenage girl demographic crashed through the roof.

And the Most Popular Vine of the Week Is...

Marina Abramovic and Jay-Z on stage, by CEDAR

More like the Artists Are Present! To film his Picasso Baby video, Jay-Z decided to mimic Marina Abramovic's famous exhibit from a few years ago and rap with museum goers one-by-one for 6 hours straight. And then Marina showed up. And then this happened.