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Film 12720072 photo1


  • Release Year: 2007
  • Runtime: 104 minutes
  • Directed By: Talia Lugacy
  • Country: USA
A tale of innocence shattered, dreams destroyed and vengeance fulfilled, Descent begins with an idealistic vision of college sweethearts and wild house parties, but quickly falls apart. A rape sends Maya (Rosario Dawson) into a spiral of drugs, rage and despair-until she is reunited with her attacker and offered a chance to settle the score. A City Lights Pictures Release. |Read More
Drama, Female Director(s)
Film 12721267 photo1


  • Release Year: 2007
  • Runtime: 85 minutes
  • Country: USA
While serving six months as an unarmed military observer with the African Union in Darfur, Sudan, former U.S. Marine Captain Brian Steidle had access no journalist was afforded. Unable to intervene, he took thousands of uncompromising photographs that documented the genocide, then resigned his post and dedicated himself to exposing the magnitude of these atrocities. |Read More
Female Director(s), Documentary
Film 12721047 photo1


  • Release Year: 2006
  • Runtime: 141 minutes
  • Directed By: Ha Yoo
  • Country: South Korea
Low-level gangster Byung-doo takes on a high-risk mission to pay the bills for his widowed mother and siblings. But when he succeeds, he finds himself quickly rising through the ranks of South Korea's organized crime world, paving the way for this exceptional saga of greed, betrayal, violence and tragedy. The literal translation of the Korean title is "mean streets." |Read More
Drama, Crime
Film 12720857 photo1


  • Release Year: 2006
  • Runtime: 96 minutes
  • Directed By: Jim Hickey
  • Country: U.K.
Think Jackass on crack and you've got the boys of Dirty Sanchez -- Great Britain's troupe of raunchy madmen on a world tour of depravity. With wicked nasty stunts such as liposuction drinking games, beer enema shotguns, things that shouldn't be done with male genitalia, and more, Dirty Sanchez should be viewed with a cast-iron stomach and a twisted sense of humor. Mature audiences only. |Read More
Comedy, Documentary
Film 12721392 photo1
Our presentation of DJ Spooky’s newly enhanced version of his landmark performance piece Rebirth of a Nation is preceded by the New York premiere of Latitude, a performance piece by acclaimed London-based video art collective D-Fuse. Latitude is inspired by the notion of drifting through the urban land and soundscapes of China, following the emotive qualities of spaces that surround us. |Read More
Film 12721477 photo1
It's a super-sized superhero Tribeca Talks event! Join the people who bring our favorite webbed hero to the big screen - filmmakers Avi Arad, Laura Ziskin, Kevin Feige, and Grant Curtis as they discuss stretching the limits of imagination with the newest installment of the Spider-Man franchise - opening May 4th - - a wild and dramatic ride for Peter Parker. |Read More
Film 12720437 photo1


  • Release Year: 2006
  • Runtime: 7 minutes
  • Directed By: Sylvia Binsfeld
  • Country: USA
Dorme (meaning "sleep") takes us on a magical journey into the world of dreams, that mystical place our spirits go to play when our bodies go to sleep at night. A beautiful and mesmerizing fantasy film, Dorme is a celebration of the sub-conscious mind, an artistic feast for the eyes and an escape for the soul. Told without the use of words, this universal story is about a boy lulled to sleep by a captivating melody only to begin his adventure of transformation and discovery. |Read More
Female Director(s), Animation
Film 12720282 photo1


  • Release Year: 2007
  • Runtime: 82 minutes
  • Directed By: Stephanie Johnes
  • Country: USA
If seeing is believing, watching these kids Double Dutch elicits double-takes and disbelief. Chronicling the world of competitive jump roping, this energetic documentary follows two teenage teams that combine dance and gymnastics to breathtaking effect, as they prepare and contend for the world championship at the Apollo Theater in Harlem. |Read More
Female Director(s), Sports, Documentary


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