14 Minutes from Earth
World Premiere

14 Minutes from Earth

| USA | 84 MINUTES | English
Documentary, NY Director(s)
At the break of dawn on October 24, 2014, 57-year old Google Executive Alan Eustace slowly rises into the air dangling below a helium balloon. This ascent is the culmination of three years of planning under an utmost secret mission which started as a scribble on a paper napkin. Eustace realized that as a private citizen you cannot merely walk into a store and buy a spacesuit. He determined that he would have to call upon the brightest minds in the country to pioneer a new technological invention in order to make his dream come true.

What follows is a riveting story of indefatigable vision as told to us by Eustace’s friends, coworkers and family interspersed with slick graphics and candid footage. Despite each nerve-wracking test, it is the camaraderie and humor which brings all participants and viewers through to the ultimate test - “Will the equipment hold up under the extreme circumstances of the outer stratosphere?”

Through achievements and disappointments alike, Eustace’s enthusiasm never wavers and his excitement remains palpable and contagious. He never forgets the team that supports him, lifting him to higher heights of the stratosphere than ever reached before.

—Jule Rozite

Cast & Credits
Directed by
Jerry Kolber, Adam "Tex" Davis, Trey Nelson, and Erich Sturm
Adam is a director, producer (Brain Games) and screenwriter (Just Friends) and co-founded Atomic Entertainment. Erich is an award-winning writer/director and current showrunner of the crime series Homicide Hunter. Trey is a director whose credits include Lost in the Sun and National Geographic Explorer Series. Jerry has produced hundreds of hours of factual television, including multiple National Geographic series.
Jerry Kolber, Adam "Tex" Davis, Trey Nelson, Erich Sturm
Adam "Tex" Davis, Trey Nelson, Erich Sturm, Jerry Kolber
Jerry Kolber, Adam "Tex" Davis
Benedict Kasulis, Michael Choi
Associate Producer
Jon Gartner, Josh Elmets
David Heacock, Jerry Kolber, Trey Nelson, Adam "Tex" Davis, Steven Oritt, Mark McKnight
Executive Producer
Jerry Kolber, Adam "Tex" Davis, Alan Eustace
Brian Suarez and Andy Miccolis
Co-Executive Producer
Trey Nelson
Supervising Producer
Erich Sturm
Alan Eustace, Jared Leidich, Taber MacCallum, Jane Poynter, Sebastian Padilla, Kathy Kwan

Print Source
Jerry Kolber
Atomic Entertainment
New York, NY 10002
Phone: 646 339 2844
Press Contact
Shannon Treusch
Falco Ink
New York, NY 10019
Phone: 212 445 7100
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