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Film 12729232 photo1


  • Release Year: 2005
  • Runtime: 80 minutes
  • Country: USA
After a long time apart, a daughter travels with her new husband to meet her mother and her mother's gay companion at their house in upstate New York. Through a series of drunken evenings and daytime squabbles it becomes apparent that no one involved is what they seem. A Strand Releasing release. |Read More
Recollections pubs


  • Release Year: 2013
  • Runtime: 13 minutes
  • Directed By: Nathanael Carton
  • Country: Japan
In Yamamoto, Japan, eighteen months after the Tohoku disaster, survivors left with nothing hold onto their existence through pictures found and restored from the tsunami debris. |Read More
Drama, Documentary
Record web 2


  • Release Year: 2013
  • Runtime: 16 minutes
  • Directed By: David Lyons
  • Country: Australia
A father in mourning struggles to connect with his blind daughter. Amidst her collection of recorded memories, he soon learns that the colors of grief and understanding are more vivid when glimpsed through the eyes of the blind.

Screening in Shorts Program: Moral Fibers |Read More
Drama, Relationships
Film 12734022 photo1


  • Release Year: 2005
  • Runtime: 90 minutes
  • Country: USA
The Wongs are a Chinese-American family living in the suburbs of New York. After the father of the family retires, dysfunctions abound between him, his wife, and their three daughters. Touching and funny, Red Doors is a family dramedy to which everyone can relate. In English and Mandarin. |Read More
Film 12728922 photo1


  • Release Year: 2003
  • Runtime: 105 minutes
  • Country: France
On a busy summer day, Antoine (Jean-Pierre Darrousin, onscreen in nearly every shot) and his wife Helene (Carole Bouquet) head for the South of France to pick up their children. En route he drinks and their bickering slowly escalates. Adapting a Simenon novel, Kahn skillfully combines absurdity, comedy, and menace to portray a marriage whose insurance is about to be cancelled. |Read More
Red obsession 1


  • Release Year: 2013
  • Runtime: 76 minutes
  • Directed By: Warwick Ross and David Roach
  • Country: Australia
France’s Bordeaux region has long commanded respect for its coveted wine, but shifts in the global marketplace mean that a new, voracious consumer base in China is buying up this finite product. Bordeaux both struggles with and courts the spike in demand, sending prices skyrocketing. Narrated by Russell Crowe, Red Obsession is a fascinating look at our changing international economy and how an obsession in Shanghai affects the most illustrious vineyards in France. |Read More
Film 16736276 photo1


  • Release Year: 2008
  • Runtime: 99 minutes
  • Country: USA
Mike Terry (Chiwetel Ejiofor) is a Jiu-jitsu teacher who has avoided the prizefighting circuit by operating a self-defense studio. An accident on a dark, rainy night changes Terry's life dramatically, introducing him to a world of promoters (Ricky Jay, Joe Mantegna) and movie star Chet Frank (Tim Allen). In order to regain his honor, Terry must step into the ring for the first time in his life.
A Sony Pictures Classics presentation |Read More
Drama, Action, Sports
Film 12728242 photo1


  • Release Year: 2005
  • Runtime: 92 minutes
  • Country: USA
When a group of students heading for a rave end up at a lonely desert rest stop on a closed highway, their trip goes dangerously wrong. This sure-to-be-a-classic horror film blends slasher film elements with a smart script with many twists and turns. |Read More
Regarding susan sontag web 1


  • Release Year: 2014
  • Runtime: 101 minutes
  • Directed By: Nancy Kates
  • Country: USA
This in-depth documentary intimately tracks Susan Sontag’s seminal, life-changing moments through her own words, as read by Patricia Clarkson—from her early infatuation with books to her first experience in a gay bar, from her first marriage to her last lover. Regarding Susan Sontag is a nuanced investigation into the life of a towering cultural critic and writer whose works on photography, war, and terrorism still resonate today. |Read More
Female Director(s), Documentary, New York, Female Screenwriter(s)


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