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Hosted by The Hollywood Reporter
Writers fought for it, directors want it, and actors are next in line. What is “new media,” and what does it mean for artists and audiences? Join those on the frontlines of this fast-growing industry for a conversation with Gaurav Dhillon (, Rick Cotton (Executive Vice President & General Counsel, NBC Universal) and filmmaker Isabella Rossellini—whose series of short films were created for mobile devices—about what we watch, make, and distribute outside the multiplex. Moderated by Georg Szalai (The Hollywood Reporter). |Read More
As cinemas replace 35mm projectors with digital equipment, it literally upends the old-fashioned indie release model. From virtual red carpet premieres and talent Q&As, to releasing indie film series and concerts/events, Cinedigm's digital theatrical distribution allows producers and talent to connect with fans in ways that have never been utilized before. Make sure you fully realize the enormous impact of the global digital cinema conversion on both revenue downstreams and release opportunities. Learn from Cinedigm's experienced team and outside producers how you can benefit from digital theatrical distribution. Panelists include producer Mark Ehrenkranz of the NY Film Critics Series; Jonathan Dern, award-winning producer of live 3-D programming, concerts, and animation; and J. Todd Harris, producer of Bottle Shock, The Kids Are Alright, and Crooked Arrows. Moderated by Michele Martell, COO of Cinedigm Entertainment Group. |Read More
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Sound and screen make for cozy bedfellows. Join us for a panel focusing on artists who creatively test the senses. Where do approaches and audiences diverge? Hear from some of the world's leading filmmakers and musicians on how films and music have inspired one another. |Read More
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Being an indie filmmaker is expensive—emotionally, financially, and legally. Many young artists don't have the tools to create the films they want or to license them for future use. How does one navigate the uncharted legal waters of the internet, blogs, and podcasts? How can a “some rights reserved” approach to copyrighting benefit filmmakers and film fans alike? Join moderator Paul “DJ Spooky” Miller, Tiffany Shlain (filmmaker, founder of The Webby Awards), Eric Steuer (Contributing Editor, Wired; Creative Director, Creative Commons), and Himanshu Singh (USC Gould School of Law) for a discussion about technology, intellectual property, and the future of participatory media. Moderated by Georg Szalai (Hollywood Reporter) |Read More
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Hosted by Skillset
With more than 30 short films to his name, self-taught director, writer, and sometime actor Shane Meadows is one of the shining stars of British cinema. A 2008 BAFTA winner for This Is England, Meadows brings a thoroughly unique style to filmmaking. With each of his films—including this year's TFF pick Somers Town—Meadows gives audiences a front-row seat to the lives of disenfranchised youth. In this Tribeca Talks event moderated by film journalist Anthony Kaufman, Meadows and writer Paul Fraser discuss their film and the broader film industry.

This Tribeca Talks Industry panel is hosted by Skillset's Trailblazers program—a showcase for the best and brightest of new British cinema talent. |Read More
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Sponsored by Kodak
Bringing a story to the screen is no easy feat. First, there is the script, then finding the actors, the money, the crew (what exactly is a grip?)… It really does take a village! But what the audience finally sees on the big screen is really dependent on two key players – the Director and the Cinematographer. These roles are so intricately entwined with each other that no film would look quite the same without their collaboration. Join us for a discussion with these artists including directors Jonathan Levine (The Wackness), Joshua Seftel (War, Inc.) and Aaron Woodley (Tennessee), cinematographer David Greene (Tennessee) and Director of Photography Fred Murphy and learn how this collaboration turns vision into reality. Moderated by American Cinematographer writer John Calhoun. |Read More
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Part of the Tribeca/ESPN Sports Film Festival
America's performance-enhancing appetite has never been bigger. And it's not just in professional sports or Hollywood. From high school locker rooms to anti-aging clinics, our nation is embracing steroids and human growth hormones like never before, spurring a furious debate about the ethics of enhancement. Join Christopher Bell, who documented his brothers' struggle to be “the best,” BALCO founder Victor Conte, Jon Romano and Mark Haskins in a provocative discussion about the pitfalls and promise of the asterisk era, and where we go from here. Moderated by Steroid Nation author Shaun Assael. |Read More
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  • Runtime: 90 minutes
  • Country: USA
Mike Figgis is still considered an “indie” film maverick. He was ahead of the digital filmmaking trend with 2000's Timecode, is a founding patron of the online community Shooting People, and created a stabilizer for digital cameras known as the “Fig Rig.” A world-class director, writer, and composer, Figgis believes that cinema is today's best storytelling medium, and his constant evolution in digital filmmaking challenges the way we experience those stories.

This special Tribeca Talks is hosted by Skillset's Trailblazers program—a showcase for the best and brightest of new British cinema talent. |Read More
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If you had the world's attention, what story would you tell? The Tribeca Film Festival joins CNN's Christiane Amanpour and TED Prize-winning filmmaker Jehane Noujaim (Control Room) to discuss the launch of Pangea Day (May 10, 2008), a moment when people all over the world will stop, watch, and listen to each other's stories around the planet's first global campfire. Moderated by TED curator Chris Anderson. |Read More
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The challenges facing a writer when translating a literary vision into the blueprint for a cinematic one can be daunting. Is it ever possible to create a movie that the audience will think is better than the book? Panelists include writer/director Julian Kemp (My Last Five Girlfriends, based on Alain de Botton's On Love), Dave Callaham (Tell Tale, based on Edgar Allan Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart"), and Caroline Bottaro (Queen to Play, adapted from Bertina Henrichs' novel The Chess Player). Moderated by Slate Magazine film critic Dana Stevens. |Read More


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