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  • Release Year: 2011
  • Runtime: 96 minutes
  • Directed By: John Michael McDonagh
  • Country: Ireland
Curmudgeonly small-town sergeant Gerry Boyle (Brendan Gleeson, In Bruges) has a confrontational personality, a subversive sense of humor, a dying mother, a fondness for prostitutes, and absolutely no desire whatsoever to work with a straight-laced FBI agent (Don Cheadle) in from the States on a cocaine-smuggling case. Venerable Irish character actor Gleeson fills his acid-tongued cop with an irreplaceable charm, and his banter with Cheadle will leave you in stitches. |Read More
Thriller, Comedy


  • Release Year: 2011
  • Runtime: 90 minutes
  • Directed By: Agnès Merlet
  • Country: France, Ireland, Sweden
The Furlong men have unusual powers. Grandpa goes blind when he thinks of sex, Dad fries electronics when he's afraid… but young James has a far more fearsome power. After losing everyone he loves, he flees to the woods to live alone. But when he's discovered by a beautiful teenage cancer patient, their romance leads James on a journey back to civilization. Agnès Merlet (Artemisia) directs this whimsical fable about learning to live with the curses—and blessings—we inherit. |Read More
Drama, Female Director(s)
Jimmys hall web 1


  • Release Year: 2014
  • Runtime: 109 minutes
  • Directed By: Ken Loach
  • Country: U.K., France, Ireland
James Gralton returns from exile and reopens a public dancehall, bravely pushing back against the sharply drawn religious and political margins of his time. Ken Loach (Winner, Palme-d'or 2006, The Wind that Shakes the Barley) paints a romantic drama about a leftist leader, and a 1930s Ireland that celebrates free speech and thought in the face of oppressive dogma. A Sony Pictures Classics Release. |Read More


  • Release Year: 2011
  • Runtime: 78 minutes
  • Directed By: Alexandra McGuinness
  • Country: U.K., Ireland
The bright young things of London's social elite lead an existence as languorous and lavish as it is self-destructive. At the center is Alice, a stunning ex-model unable to keep up with the high standards of living her peers feverishly chase. Alexandra McGuinness' directorial debut presents a contemporary black-and-white portrait of overlapping cliques of friends struggling to get their lives under control before they fall numb to it all. |Read More
Drama, Female Director(s)
Film 16735941 photo1


It takes great talent to make a sky jumping nun and her BMX bike evoke a sense of sublime euphoria. Harmony Korine (Gummo) pulls it off in this poetic rumination on identity and art. Cast includes Diego Luna, Samantha Morton, Denis Lavant, and Werner Herzog. |Read More


  • Release Year: 2010
  • Runtime: 84 minutes
  • Directed By: Paul Fraser
  • Country: Ireland
When 17-year-old Noel accidentally breaks his dying father's most prized possession—a cheap wristwatch—he and his two cheeky younger brothers "borrow" the boss' bread van for a clandestine quest to replace it. But what begins as a quick road trip soon turns into an emotional odyssey for the boys. A longtime writing collaborator of Shane Meadows (Somers Town, TFF '08 award winner), Paul Fraser makes a stellar feature directing debut with this poignant and bitingly funny family journey. From the producers of The Eclipse. |Read More


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