Writing in Unreal

Tribeca and Epic Games are pushing the boundaries of storytelling in film through our new virtual production program: Writing in Unreal. The program opens new doors for independent filmmakers and enables them to gain firsthand knowledge from Unreal Engine experts and fellow colleagues on how to use the award-winning engine and its cutting-edge suite of tools in their filmmaking process and to craft their stories.


This program features a robust schedule of feature presentations, industry conversations, and case studies with leading experts exploring virtual production from multiple angles. And the opportunity for filmmakers from ten selected feature film projects to be paired with Unreal Engine artists to workshop their scripts using this real-time 3D tool.


The Writing in Unreal program will took place in New York City on November 16 - 18 with industry conversations at Convene (1 Liberty Plaza). Watch highlights from the Industry Conversations below

Fix It In Pre: A New Pipeline For Filmmaking

What You Write Is What You See: A Case Study

A Cohesive Collaboration: The Shared Vision Of The Director And The DP

The Bottom Line: Indie Producing In Unreal Engine

Writing Your Film with Unreal Engine | TRIBECA X UNREAL ENGINE