About Through Her Lens: The Tribeca Chanel Women’s Filmmaker Program

For more than a decade, Tribeca has been dedicated to supporting independent voices in storytelling. As new and unique perspectives from women continually struggle to emerge, partners Tribeca and Chanel identified a growing need to support these creative artists in the filmmaking arena. THROUGH HER LENS: The Tribeca Chanel Women's Filmmaker Program, in collaboration with Pulse Films, is a multifaceted program that provides funding, meaningful project support, and significant mentorship for up-and-coming US-based women and non-binary writers and directors. With guidance from Tribeca, one of the most engaged and respected supporters of women writers and directors in the US, this Program develops and nurtures essential artistic voices working toward establishing sustainable careers by helping them refine and present their short film concepts to the film industry and ultimately selecting one of their projects to fund and see through completion.


Tribeca will begin to look for the best emerging women and non-binary screenwriters and directors in the U.S. (eligible participants may identify as writers or writer-directors). Using a non-public nomination system from Tribeca’s extensive list of industry contacts and alumni, an internal committee will ultimately select five projects to attend. Filmmakers must have a production-ready script and be able to share at least one previous work. If you believe you are an eligible participant, please email your bio or resume to THLSubmissions@tribecafilm.com.


Over the course of three days during the fall (October 13-15, 2020), finalists attend an empowering Workshop and Forum. Striking a balance between industry mentorship and artistic development, the Workshop and Forum will include hands-on consultation for each project, master classes, one-on-one as well as peer-to-peer sessions, and an opportunity to meet executives programming short form content. Workshops and master classes will contain a range of topics, including script to screen development, story structure, finding collaborators, and fundraising. *Tribeca and Chanel are committed to hosting Through Her Lens 2020 while also prioritizing health and safety. All in-person receptions and workshops will be held in New York City in accordance with CDC, NY State Law and NYC Department of Health guidelines; in the event that we cannot gather in person, workshops, master classes, and networking events will be conducted virtually. We will continue to closely monitor the situation and notify all applicants of any adjustments to the program format in the upcoming months.


The Workshop and Forum will also be dedicated to helping the five participating projects hone their stories and concepts into succinct presentations. Script and pitch feedback will be provided to all projects from the mentors. Master classes led by some of the boldest and brightest working women in the entertainment industry will provide relevance and balance between the individualized sessions. *All in-person workshops and master classes will be in accordance with CDC, NY State Law and NYC Department of Health guidelines; in the event that we cannot gather in person, classes will be conducted virtually.


Mentors and session leaders for the Workshop and Forum will include respected women filmmakers (writers, directors, and producers) as well as talent working in front of and behind the camera. Previous mentors have included Kathryn Bigelow, Catherine Hardwicke, Stella Meghie, Rashida Jones, Anna Boden, Leslye Headland, Effie T. Brown, Celia Costas, Lydia Pilcher, Donna Gigliotti, Emily Mortimer, Rachel Morrison, Courtney Cox, Debra Granik, Christine Vachon, Ilene Chaiken, Amma Asante, Veena Sud, Julie Taymor, Sarah Jessica Parker and a variety of other established filmmakers, producers and executives.


The Workshop and Forum will culminate on day three with the participants presenting their short film projects to a curated jury. The award recipient will be selected by the group of five to seven “jurors” based on the entire project – script, writer/director’s vision and succinct industry presentation of the idea.


The selected participant will receive an $80,000 grant to produce their short film with specialized guidance and mentorship from Tribeca to help the project reach its potential.


The additional four participants will receive a $5,000 development prize to keep moving forward with their projects after the workshop. The mission is to support all of the filmmakers and projects in the program.


THROUGH HER LENS: The Tribeca Chanel Women's Filmmaker Program will continue support as the selected project enters wraps production and enters the marketplace.


Projects are selected with the intention to support working filmmakers who identify as women or as non-binary. Eligible participants may be a writer-director or writer, and if the applicant is solely the writer then a woman director must be attached to the submitted project. Participants are invited as teams of two and that team may include a producer. Candidates should have made at least one short previous work in their area of focus. Directors who have completed a scripted feature are no longer eligible for this program. THROUGH HER LENS has no restriction on genre, style, or theme or project. Films must be able to be completed with an $80,000 budget. If you believe you are an eligible participant, please email your bio or resume to THLSubmissions@tribecafilm.com.