Tribeca and CHANEL come together in support of women in film. Through Her Lens: The Tribeca CHANEL Women’s Filmmaker Program promotes emerging and independent voices. From funding and project support to dedicated mentorship, this multifaceted three-day program champions up-and-coming women writers and directors in the United States. With guidance from Tribeca, one of the country’s most engaged and respected supporters of women writers and directors, Through Her Lens helps foster these vital voices in their professional and artistic development. Over the course of the program, our mentors assist talent to refine and present their short film concepts to the film industry, and ultimately select one of their projects to fund and produce.


To celebrate the 7th annual Through Her Lens program, Tribeca and CHANEL present IN DEVELOPMENT. In a three-part series, actors Lucy Boynton and Alisha Boe share an inside look at their creative processes for developing a character. And director Hannah Peterson, winner of the 2019 Tribeca CHANEL Through Her Lens production grant, offers a glimpse into the making of her first feature film.

“There’s no other job that allows you to go deep into so many other experiences.”

—Lucy Boyton

“I’m attracted to stories that are really character driven. I’m always looking for regular people,
captivating individuals who have a sense of interiority.”

—Hannah Peterson

“I look at the grand scheme of why does this story need to be told in this day and age,
and then how it relates to me personally.”

—Alisha Boe