Believe it or not, Halloween is only five days away. In other words, it's code-red time for the procrastinators who still don’t know what costume to wear on Saturday, and, sadly, will most likely end up in Donald Trump or Imperator Furiosa get-ups, depending on their gender. With less than a week before October's scariest day is here, the panic over costume decisions and weekend party moves is real, and there’s only one foolproof way to cope: watch as many horror movies as possible before Sunday morning arrives. And we have just the outlet to facilitate the scare binge.

Tribeca Shortlist, the new curated streaming movie service from Tribeca Enterprises and Lionsgate, is celebrating the holiday with Fright Fest, a free five-evening blowout of genre favorites both classic and cult. Starting tomorrow night, October 27, at 6 p.m. EST, and ending on Halloween night, Tribeca Shortlist will add one new horror flick per day at the same time, making all five available on October 31 for all streaming movie marathon purposes. The lineup includes cults, serial killers, bloodthirsty cave-dwelling humanoids, a pre-fame Bradley Cooper, and brilliant early work from Neil Marshall, who's directed some of the biggest and best Game of Thrones episodes.

The films were selected by Shortlisters Cara Cusumano (senior programmer for Tribeca Film Festival) and Erik Feig (co-president of the Motion Picture Group at Lionsgate), and will include short video introductions taken from their "Groundbreaking Horror" and "Subculture on Screen: Movies to Take You to the Edge" Shortlists.

The schedule of streaming Fright Fest films is as follows:
· Tuesday, 10/27: Resolution
· Wednesday, 10/28: The Wicker Man
· Thursday, 10/29: The Midnight Meat Train
· Friday, 10/30: Peeping Tom
· Saturday, 10/31: The Descent

If you haven't signed up for Tribeca Shortlist yet, do so now by clicking here. It's your first step towards experiencing the movie in which Bradley Cooper co-stars with this guy:

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