Tribeca & Epic Games Bring Unreal Engine To Indie Filmmakers

The curated program will provide workshops for independent filmmakers to learn more about the state-of-the art engine and 3D creation tools.

Tribeca & Epic Games Bring Unreal Engine To Indie Filmmakers

Unreal Engine is an open and advanced real-time 3D creation tool for pixel perfect visuals and immersive experiences. Tribeca and Epic Games’ partnership will provide curated programming for filmmakers interested in exploring the award-winning engine and its features.


“We are inspired by the tools and capabilities Unreal Engine offers filmmakers and production studios to help them reimagine storytelling and create stunning imagery in real time,” said Tribeca Enterprises & Tribeca Festival Co-Founder and CEO Jane Rosenthal. “The technology that has powered so many of today’s most renowned video games is becoming more and more essential to the production of films and television shows, and our mission is to provide a platform for independent filmmakers to learn more about these incredibly powerful tools and resources available to them.”


The new program will break down barriers to help independent filmmakers gain first-hand knowledge from Unreal Engine experts on how to use the engine’s cutting-edge tools.


Featuring three days of sessions, live in New York City on November 16 - 18, this program will open new doors for independent filmmakers and allow them to gain first-hand knowledge from UE experts and fellow colleagues on how to use Unreal -- not only in production -- but to help craft great stories.


The program will also invite a select number of writers and directors by closed invitation to participate in a month-long intensive. These filmmakers will have the ability to be paired with dedicated Unreal Engine artists to workshop a scene from a project in development.


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