A thriving foodie lifestyle has always been essential to the New York experience, and since the festival has always been about celebrating local culture, we’ve always made sure to highlight where food and film intersect. The Tribeca Film Institute's annual Key Ingredients event, for example, has indie filmmakers work with local chefs to capture a cinematic spirit in culinary form. Last year at TFF 2014, we programmed Jon Favreau’s Chef, which told the story of a man who forgoes a promising career cooking in a high-profile LA restaurant to operate a food truck and sustain creative charge of his work.

This year’s festival continues to celebrate culinary culture and sustainable farming with films like Steak (R)evolution, Birth of Sake, and a premiere event for the Netflix series Chef’s Table.

Steak (R)evolution
French director Franck Ribiere paired up with renowned butcher Yves-Marie Le Bourdonnec to search the globe for the best steak - the best meat, the best cut, the best preparation. Their journey took them from the famed Pampas of Argentina to the precariously prepared Kobe beef in Japan, inevitably realizing that the carefully farmed beef tends to taste better. Complete with mouth-watering visuals of the perfect sizzling filet, it’s a safe bet to schedule your next meal strategically around this screening. Find Screening times here.

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Birth of Saké
The small sake brewery home to the Tedorigawa label has stayed in the same family in Hakusan, Ishikawa Prefecture for five generations. Directed by Erik Shikai, Birth of Saké details their diligent, attentive labor that remains premodern in an age of mass production. The small group of men at the center of this story, aged 20-70, offer incredible personal and professional sacrifices in the struggle to match the efficiency of their industrial competitors. Find screening times here.


Chef’s Table
Local New Yorkers may be familiar with Greenwich Village’s Blue Hill restaurant, which offers a menu made up of locally sourced, seasonal produce. As a part of the Tribeca Talks event series, we’ll be hosting Blue Hill co-owner Dan Barber in conversation with Chef’s Table creator David Gelb after a screening of the documentary series’ first episode. The event will take place at 5:30pm on Saturday, April 25th at SVA Theater 2. See more event details and buy tickets here.

 See the full list of festival events here.