Today is the 32nd anniversary of the discovery of AIDS and our friends at (RED), the organization founded by Bono and Bobby Shriver, are attempting to set the first ever Vine world record for “The Most Vines Created in 24 hours for a Cause.” Will you be a part of the movement?

We’re happy to partner with (RED) and Mashable, who are asking people to take a minute to make a Vine to support (RED). The rules are simple. Whenever you have a free moment today, just make a Vine of “something red.” Anything that is red—your nail polish, a car, a book or even your favorite (RED) product—counts. As an alternative, you can also simply just say: “I want an AIDS free generation” or “Choose (RED), Saves Lives" on Twitter.

Easy, right? When you post your 6-second video to your social networks, just make sure to include the #REDWorldRecord hashtag and @RED twitter handle to make your Vine count! Here's an example: