What made Philip Seymour Hoffman more than just an all-encompassing presence was his ability to connect with his audiences in a way that made you truly feel, even sympathize, for the often troubling yet always genuine characters he portrayed. Whether he acted as a bitter rock journalist, a misguided man of faith, a porn film crew member, a not-so-friendly neighbor, or a literary genius, Hoffman embodied these roles with such honesty that we have trouble distinguishing the line between good and evil, success and failure, happiness and pain. 

Hoffman was an artist, a true talent who raised the standards of every project he graced. Artists from all over the world have been expressing their support and remembrance on Tumblr since the tragic news. Here are some pieces portraying his most captivating roles and character quotes. 

By Jake Rowles

By Son of Sköll

By Sorrido gli Occhi, ma Piange il Cuore

By Subtract Yourself

By ABlazeofColour

From Krist 365

By Chris of Doodlewatsit

By Peter Breese

By Ben Wilsonham

By Aria Gita

From Lovisa Lindberg

By Tedd Leight

By Brett Weldele

By Jotatsu

By Stavros Damos (via I Must Be a Mermaid, Rango)