After having her documentary premiere at the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival , winning the Tribeca Online Festival Best Feature Award, and meeting Robert De Niro, you would think Bub would want some time off from all the cameras and constant attention. Not so! Bub is now an official Vine user, and a frequent one at that. Her caretaker, Mike Bridavsky, proves to be a suitable cameraman, capturing Bub's finest moments. Here are some highlights:

Bub being thankful for breakfast:

Bub's late-night Vine:

Bub showing off some cool tongue tricks:

Bub sees double:

Bub's first art film:

Also, Bub's birthday is on Friday, so there are bound to be some gems that day. And if you want to wish her a happy birthday, just send out a shout-out to @IAMLILBUB!

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