Featuring interviews with Russell Simmons, David Simon, Arianna Huffington and Susan Sarandon, How to Make Money Selling Drugs offers a raw and sweeping look into the world of drug dealing and drug enforcement in the United States.

Written and directed by Matthew Cooke (who previously edited documentaries like Teenage Paparazzo and Deliver Us from Evil), How to Make Money Selling Drugs explores America’s war on drugs through interviews with a wide array of combatants, ranging from the street dealers and drug kingpins, to law enforcement officials, to drug kingpins. Cooke’s film raises compelling questions about public policy and the practicality of continuing this losing battle.

Well-researched and chock full of shocking insights, How to Make Money Selling Drugs is now available on VOD nationwide as well as on digital platforms like iTunes and Amazon Instant Video. On Wednesday, June 26, the film opens in NYC downtown at the IFC Center with producers Adrian Grenier and Bert Marcus there in person for Q&As on the 26th and 27th. Director Matthew Cooke will join them for Q&As on the 26th.