Located right off the Brooklyn Bridge, the historic Brooklyn Heights Cinema has been a welcoming venue for art house, independent and foreign films alike – using their 35mm projector to make these stories come to life. For years, filmmakers and studios have been making the jump to digital, nearly phasing out 35mm entirely. Brooklyn Heights Cinemas needs to make the jump too in order to continue to showcase the latest independent features

To help spark their fundraising efforts, owner Kenn Lowy and his team are offering some exciting rewards for any film buff. Aside from movie ticket packages (with popcorn and drink included!) for local patrons and a Brooklyn Heights Cinema T-shirts for out-of-town contributors, donors of $25 or more will also be given 24 frames of 35mm film!

Brooklyn Heights Cinema is one of the only locally owned theatres left in New York City - don’t let it go dark. Funding goes till the end of March so help spread the word! Check it out here and tell your friends.