Everybody should be concerned with where our food comes from and who picks it.

Narrated by Forest Whitaker, Food Chains gives unparalleled insight into the desperate plight of thousands of farmworkers within the American agricultural system. This powerful documentary focuses on a courageous group of tomato pickers from Southern Florida known as the CIW (Coalition of Immokalee Workers) that is dedicated to improving working conditions and housing for seasonal workers. TFF alum Sanjay Rawal essentially gives a voice to these activists and skillfully calls attention to their fight against unfair labor practices and injustice.

Food Chains will open simultaneously in select theaters across the country on November 21. What makes the release of Food Chains so unique is that audiences will be able to choose between English and Spanish language versions of the film (depending on the location). Click here for a complete listing of theaters.

If you don’t live by any of the listed theaters (or just don’t want to leave the house), you can pre-order Food Chains on iTunes right now!