Even though he’s gone, Patrick Swayze will live on forever in the hearts of moviegoers. Masculine, gracefully athletic, effortlessly charismatic and intelligent, Swayze produced an incredibly versatile filmography, which made programming a Swayzefest double feature so difficult!

Eventually, Tribeca Cinemas decided on two of his most heralded pop culture masterpieces, Road House and Dirty Dancing. Complete with trivia, drink specials and a first class Patrick Swayze Impersonator, Swayzefest, at only 10 dollars for admission, is not to be missed. Tickets will be available for purchase at the door.

The festivities begin at 6:00PM so that Swayze enthusiasts can take advantage of the cash bar at the Varick Room. The first film of the night, Road House, starts at 7:00PM with Dirty Dancing to follow at 9:30PM. After that, our pals at Tribeca Cinemas will be spinning some Catskills-inspired grooves so that you Swayze fans can show off your dance moves.  Don’t let anyone put you in the corner this Saturday night!Road House

“I thought you’d be bigger.” Patrick Swayze is Dalton, a bouncer/philosopher/throat ripper, who is the only man who can save the Double Deuce, the once thriving roadside getaway that’s now a haven for thugs and criminals. With the help of his best friend, Wade Garrett (Sam Elliott) and some of the other townsfolk, Dalton takes on Ben Gazzara’s sinister Brad Wesley and his gang of degenerates.

Dirty Dancing

“I’ll never be sorry.” In his most famous role, Patrick Swayze plays Johnny Castle, the stud dance instructor at Kellerman’s, a hoity-toity resort located in the Catskill Mountains. Jennifer Grey’s privileged Frances ‘Baby’ Houseman falls head over heels for him, making their summer romance (with legs…we have to believe their love outlasted the season) so incredibly swoon-able.

So join us this Saturday at Tribeca Cinemas and The Varick Room. You’ll have the time of your life (sorry, we just couldn’t help ourselves)!