Ah, Frances Ha: the black and white insta-classic about, as Noah Baumbach put it in the New York Times: “That period in your 20s where you’re necessarily having to separate yourself from a kind of romantic idea of yourself." What better period to mine life lessons from - here are a few (with a promise to spare you the hack joke about how "Life isn't always black and white.")

1. Put one foot on the ground when you lie on the bed. This will prevent the spins. (After an evening of drinking, but clearly this applies to life as well.)

2. Wait until the check is on the table before insisting on paying for dinner.

3. In the heat of the drunken moment, take the bottle of vodka and run.

4. Forgive your best friend's drunken diatribes.

5. Go ahead and take that weekend trip to Paris that you can't afford — just don't take a sleeping pill. 

6. When the going gets rough, run like the wind. Dance in the park, run through the streets, keep going.

7. Take the office job—it’ll allow you to be an artist in New York. (So long as you use the company for all its side perks.)

8. Clearly define play-fighting for new friends before jumping right into it.

9. On that note, you have to fight back if it’s going to be a play fight at all.

10. Don't lose your imagination and weird ideas that nobody else gets.

11. Be nice to your alma mater; one day, you’re going to need that summer job. 

12. Stay friends.