Earlier this week the festival programmers -- Chief Creative Officer Geoff Gilmore, VP of Programming Genna Terranova, our Shorts Programmer Sharon Badal, and our Artistic Director Frederic Boyer -- sat down with Slate's film critic Dana Stevens to discuss their selection process, Tribeca Film's focus on community and innovation, and notable films on this year's line-up of remarkable films. Watch the whole interview above and check out some of our favorite quotes below.



You wanna know the secret ingredient as to what hit us this year? It was about how many of these films really moved us and didn’t leave us after we watched them, which is what brought them back into the discussion again and again and again. Sometimes when you talk about what the agenda is for a film festival, you’re not really talking about the emotional impact that films have on you...There were films that stayed in my mind for days afterwards.” 
- Geoff Gilmore

“That’s one thing you really have to think about is the access that documentary filmmakers get, and I think we have some examples of filmmakers who really get to show us something that we can’t get from commercial media these days.” 
- Genna Terranova

“I think part of what we do at Tribeca is create a family; not just a family between us, but a family of filmmakers.” 
- Sharon Badal

"What’s interesting in terms of the short docs is that the filmmakers, unlike with a feature, which takes more time, can respond immediately to global events...that’s what I appreciate about the short docs, is that you have such extremes to them in terms of style and subject matter.”
- Sharon Badal

“[When viewing submissions] we need to stay fresh. We need to be surprised. We need to be a viewer and cinephile. We work in film and we’re professional, but we’re also kind of amatuer. We need to be non-professional in a way.”
- Frederic Boyer

"Unlike the features, which to me are the dinner party, the beautiful entree, [the shorts] are the cocktail party...All the shorts are little bites for the audience. But that’s why the festival works so well, because the features and the shorts create this amazing experience for the audience.”
- Sharon Badal

"[The Tribeca Film Festival] is a festival that I think has really become an established, major cultural event in New York because of what it represents, which is a spectrum of filmmaking focusing on discovery, focusing on community, focusing on innovation, and focusing on the range of storytelling that I think is part of that real spectrum that’s going on, both in the international and the independent arenas" 
- Geoff Gilmore

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