Storytelling on social media platforms has transformed what we consider to be content. Through YouTube, Snapchat and Vine, content creators are breaking the mold of traditional storytelling and invigorating audiences as they turn themselves into a personal business. Iman Crosson, more commonly known as Alphacat, the YouTube sensation who has been uploading videos of himself since the site’s creation, is one such internet superstar. Best known for his President Obama impersonations, Alphacat has now expanded to other social media platforms including Vine and Snapchat, and even got to meet the President himself because of the wild popularity of his videos. These artists are pegged as being the ultimate sensations of our time, earning up to $100,000 a week for creating native content for social media, and serving as catalysts for social change and awareness through their unique forms of storytelling. This podcast is moderated by Lisa Donovan, co-founder of Maker studios, a YouTube video network that oversees the production and marketing services for over 1,000 Youtube channels.

The podcast includes such leading social media sensations as YouTube star Alphacat, internet filmmaker Casey Neistat, and Michael and Evan Gregory of The Gregory Brothers.

Learn more about how these once-struggling actors and creators broke through traditional barriers and unearthed an entirely new world of storytelling online.