The power of using picture and sound creatively to tell a story is essential to the Coen Brothers’ success. Director of the Dolby Institute Glenn Kiser sat with key members of the Coens' crew, the remarkable sound duo, composer Carter Burwell and sound editor Skip Lievsay. They shared with the audience what it's like to work with the legendary directors and how the role of sound plays a major part in all of the Coen Brothers’ films.

From Raising Arizona's famous chase scene to the literally killer set-pieces of No Country For Old Men, Burwell and Lievsay detail the regular routines and creative surprises that go hand-in-hand with working with auteurs as singular as the Coens.

As Burwell says about them early on in the conversation, “They write knowing the importance of sound and the music. They put space in their films for that and a lot of people don’t."